Traveling with Pets: Top 5 Tips

Traveling with Pets Top 5 Tips

As summer heats up, more and more Americans are getting out of town. In fact, over half of American families plan on taking a vacation, according to Rasmussen Reports, and not surprisingly, pet parents are bringing their furry best friends along for the ride!

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, bringing a pet requires preparation and some special TLC. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance – the #1 customer-rated provider of health insurance for dogs and cats – has compiled the five tips for happy and healthy pet travel scenarios:

Check if your pup or cat is allowed on your mode of transportation, as well as where you’re going.

  • Train: You can take a small dog or cat on Amtrak for a fee.
  • Plane: Air travel requires your pet to have a certificate of health and proof they are up-to-date on rabies vaccinations.
  • Boat: Most cruises only allow registered service animals on board.
  • Destinations: National parks allow leashed dogs and cats with restrictions.
  • Accommodations: Luxury hotels offer special accommodations, so your pets can vacation in style.

Don’t medicate your pets before placing them in a cargo hold.

  • These areas are very cold, and medications make it difficult for your pets to adjust body temperature

Evaluate your dog or cat before hitting the road.

  • Some pets cannot handle travel because of illness, injury, age or temperament

Even though you’re on vacation, maintain those same routines.

  • Provide regular walks, don’t change their diet, keep plenty of fresh water out, and bring their favorite toys.

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