11 Weird Driving Laws Around the World

weird driving laws

When you live in the Philippines, you’re considering buying a car, say a Toyota Fortuner, the Philippine driving laws must be taken into consideration too. You might think that the Philippines might not have any unusual driving laws, but to other countries, we do.

Here are some weird driving laws around the world that might make you turn your head in confusion.


Philippines – it’s illegal to drive your car on Monday if your plate ends in 1 or 2. It also applies to the rest of the week on with other numbers. It’s a way to reduce the number of cars on the road and hopefully, alleviate the heavy traffic.


Russia – you are not allowed to be lazy about cleaning your car because it’s illegal to drive a dirty car in Russia. You’ll be fined a hefty price for not mustering up enough energy to wipe down your car.


Japan – it’s illegal to splash rainwater on a pedestrian. You can be fined a pretty heavy price for it, too. There is no room for pranks on the roads of Japan, it seems. And besides, have a little respect for people!

south africa

South Africa – if an animal herder leading livestock such as horses, donkeys, sheep or goats, or even pigs asks a driver to stop, the driver must absolutely stop. If they don’t, they better ready for a heavy fine of $500. Yikes.



Germany – it’s illegal to run out of fuel on the Autobahn. On the Autobahn, you’re not allowed to stop unless absolutely necessary, or an emergency. Since running out of fuel is considered negligence on the side of the drive, they’re going to be fined for putting themselves in danger.


Cyprus – it’s illegal to eat or drink while driving. You’re not allowed to drink a bottle of water, either. This is because of the rising number of accidents.


Maryland, USA – usually, the person who curses first is the right one, but in Rockville, a city in Maryland, it’s illegal to curse in public. Break this law and you’ll be asked to pay a fine of about $100 and even end up in jail for up to 90 days. Time to practice anger management, huh?


Luxembourg – cars should have windshield wipers even if your car doesn’t have a windshield. That makes sense, maybe?


UK – all cabs or hackney carriages are required to carry a bay of hale or a bag of oats at all times. Seems okay if you actually had a horse to pull the carriage. So are cabs in London still pulled by horses?


Spain – pay attention to the calendar. In Spain, on days with uneven numbers you have to park on the side of the road where the houses are unevenly numbered, and same for even numbered days.


Sweden – it’s illegal to turn your headlights off in Sweden. Yes, even if it’s in the part of the country where the sun doesn’t set.

So which country do you think has the weirdest law? Your country might have a weird driving law somewhere.

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