2022 Bathroom Trends Everyone Should Know
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2022 Bathroom Trends Everyone Should Know

2022 Bathroom Trends Everyone Should Know

Y’all, I can’t believe 2022 is here. It feels like I blinked, and the last two years disappeared. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get some stuff done around the house. I decided to start with my bathroom so that I could create the ultimate oasis in my home. Let me tell y’all; it looks fantastic. Yet I couldn’t have pulled it off without looking at magazines and talking to professionals in the design field. They shared 2022 bathroom trends everyone should know with me. Now, I want to share these tips with y’all so that your restroom can look as good as mine.

Interesting Tile Design

I didn’t want my bathroom to look traditional, y’all. Instead, I wanted to make a statement that would impress folks when they came over. My expert helpers suggested the best way to do this is to try out a cool tile design. They told me about five trending bathroom shower and floor tile design ideas they thought I might like. It turns out, I fell in love with all of them! I ended up using a hexagon pattern to create some dimension in the space. Don’t be afraid to take risks, y’all. Hopefully, your ideas will turn out as good as mine.

Bring the Outside In

I love being outside, y’all. This statement is even more true now that we’ve spent so much time in lockdown. I told the pros I wanted to bring my love for nature into my bathroom. Luckily, they didn’t think I was crazy. Actually, they told me that adding greenery to the space is a 2022 bathroom trend everyone should know. With this in mind, I hung plant holders on the walls between my mirrors. Also, I placed flowers wherever I could. I’m so proud of what I created because the room looks like it belongs in a nature magazine.

Painting and Murals

Earlier, I said I wanted my bathroom to make a statement. Honestly, the most impactful part of my restroom is the mural that’s painted on the back wall. The best part is, I did it myself! The experts told me to choose colors that spoke to me and see what I could come up with. I’m no artist, but I have to say that the mural looks fantastic. You can always spend a bit more cash and hire a professional to do the job for you. However, trying things on your own is a budget-friendly option. Plus, it’s super fun!

People will be envious of your bathroom if you follow these trends. The best part is that none of these ideas will break the bank. You can buy a little strip of tile to add flair to the shower; you don’t need to tile the whole wall. Additionally, implementing plants and painting the mural transformed the space without my having to spend too much cash. So, if your New Year’s resolution mirrors mine, roll up your sleeves and get started today.

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