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21 Bachelorette Party Ideas for Every Bride Personality

You are throwing your best girlfriend and the future Mrs. a bachelorette party that she won’t forget. Be sure to catch her off guard with these unique bachelorette party ideas.

You want to show the future bride that you know how to throw a fun bachelorette party and have everyone talking about it for days. Remember to pick a theme or activity that best suits her personality. The following are ideas that will guarantee smiles and long lasting memories.

Cheers to the new bride!

The Sweet and Girly Bride:

This bride is as sweet as pie and everyone loves her for it. Play to her caring side and turn the tables by making her feel adored and treated like Royalty on her special day.

Pampered Princess: Enjoy a relaxing spa day. Book the spa session ahead of time or have a spa day at home where everyone brings face masks, nail polish, and beauty supplies to share. It will be a blissful day of leisure before the big day. Ideas to make your guests feel welcomed here.

High Tea: Get dolled up in your best “sexy-classy” dress and enjoy delicious tea and treats. Chat with your girls about single life, marriage advice, and the things to look forward to in marriage.

Slumber Party: Make it a night in and put a twist on sleepovers to make it more adult friendly. Don’t forget the pillow fights, wine, tasty treats, classic truth or dare, and bachelorette party games. Some tips to throw the best slumber party fest.

The Athletic and Outdoorsy Bride

This bride embraces the outdoors and believes in a healthy lifestyle. Give her an active and fun bachelorette party.

Rock Climbing: Give yourselves a work -out by enjoying the challenge of reaching the top. Either book an indoor or outdoor session and work out those muscles. After a successful day, enjoy your best friends’ company and head out for a well-deserved drink.

Glamping: Instead of roughing it out in the wild, put a twist on camping and you have “glamping.” Make it your own “glamp-ground” by packing the luxuries from home. Bring blow- up mattresses, pillows, cozy blankets, and get creative with setting up decorations. Or have it all done for you and book a glamping getaway. Find out the best glamping sites near you.

Paintballing: Get the stress out of planning a wedding with some much-needed adrenaline. It’s even more, fun if each team has bachelorette accessories to make them stand out: like t-shirts, sashes, or baseball hats. Make the other team wish they were on your side and go in for the win.

The Classy City-Chic Bride

Always in awe of how put together and sophisticated she is, you want to plan something that impresses and delights her. Nothing too wild should be up your sleeve. Making sure the party is low-key and elegant will give you the perfect ideas.

Bring a chef to you: Instead of going out to eat, bring the restaurant to you! Feel pampered with this exclusive experience. Your personal chef will cook up something special for a night full of mouth-watering goodness. Talk about a night of full service.

Brunch: Nothing can beat brunch. Head to your favorite brunch spot and indulge in your favorite eggs benny, French toast, or whatever your fancy is. Don’t forget the morning mimosas!

Wine Tour: Pretend to already be a wine expert (hey, maybe you really are an expert) and enjoy. Make sure to try all of them.

The Artsy and Creative Bride

She is the one who loves to experience something outside the norm and get’s creative with her time. She is always the one that gives handmade or unique gifts that show she knows the person well. You can be sure she will love the bachelorette party if it is as unique as her.

Fortune Teller Night: Head to a fortune teller so they can predict your future of a hopefully happy life! It is a fun way to bond with the girls and make fun of each other with the hilarious or maybe scarily accurate fortunes. Either or, it is a night with your girls you can look back on and laugh.

Art Class: Be the next Van Gogh and get ready to paint your way to a masterpiece. Your completed painting will be a nice take away from the event.

Fiesta Night: Sign up for a salsa dance class and then energize on fajitas, drink margaritas and chips and salsa. Or take an outdoorsy approach and set up a party in the backyard filled with colorful decorations, mojitos flowing, and lively music to dance to. How to host the perfect fiesta party.

DIY Lingerie Making Lessons: This takes DIY to another level. Each attendee brings a lingerie garment for the bride-to-be and gets to work decorating it with beads, sparkles, or play jewels. In the end, they are sure to have a couple of stand out pieces. See some here.

 The Adventurous & Wild Bride

 This future bride is sure to want to experience a night full of fun and stories to tell the next day. Indulge her daring side by organizing these wild bachelorette party ideas.

 Themed Night Out: Choose a unique bachelorette theme and make sure to coordinate amongst your ladies. Go as an empowered superhero group, a bunch of rowdy cowgirls, or a retro 80’s theme -the choice is yours!

Cocktail Class: Get your mix on! Book a cocktail making class and concoct your signature drink. Not only will you be an expert bartender by the end of it but even better to try everyone’s drink to rate them.

Pole dance class: Get wild with your girls and take a pole dancing class. Not only will it bring more Fifty Shades of Grey moves to the bedroom but it is a guaranteed workout. Work it, ladies!

Casino Night: Put on your best poker face and get ready for a wild night of gambling and making some serious cash. The goal is to have fun and with luck, you’ll have a happy bride and some extra cash for the wedding 😉

Bachelorette cruise: A cruise is the best way to include everything at one price – accommodation, food, and entertainment. There’s always something to do and the scenery always changes. The party will never get bored with all the various activities going on. Here’s why it is a good idea.

The Little Bit of Everything Bride

If the bride-to-be does not fit exactly into any of these personalities, don’t give it a second thought. As long as it is something upbeat and includes interacting and laughing with her best friends, it is sure to be a hit!

Karaoke: Belt it out for everyone to hear. Extra points are awarded for duets. Everyone will have their turn at the mic and make sure to take out your phones to record what’s going down.

Comedy Club: Get ready for a night full of laughs and martinis that will have you rolling in your seats. Sometimes even the bride will be involved in the act, especially if it is an improv show.

Cooking class: Gordon Ramsey will have nothing on you after you finish a cooking class. Cook up a storm and taste each of your friends’ delectable dish.

Don’t forget to treat the future bride to a bachelorette gift. Don’t worry, it does not have to be expensive. Give a gift that inspires laughter or something that you know will make her feel pampered.

After the hard work is done, sit back, and enjoy the party! Cheers to the new bride! 🙂

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