3 Money-Savvy Ways to Decorate Post Holidays from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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3 Money-Savvy Ways to Decorate: Post Holidays

3 Money-Savvy Ways to Decorate Post Holidays from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Whether you want to improve the feel of your home or simply change up your everyday routine, it is always nice to switch up the decorations you have around the house. Our home environment and the areas around us can have a direct impact on our overall mood and actually alter our wellbeing. It’s healthy to change up your surroundings and redecorate so you can really have the power to change the feel of your home. The problem many run into when attempting to revamp their home is the inevitable cost that accompanies redecorating. Those small accents you add within your home have a tendency to be on the pricier end. There are so many ways to save money while decorating your living space, so there’s no need to spend your life savings finding your new style! Read below on three hacks to keep in mind when you’re sprucing up your space. 


A frequent and costly mistake we are all guilty of making is constantly buying new decor. Take a look through the decorations you have stored in the attic or basement. You will be surprised at the beautiful statement pieces that have the power to transform your space. Hidden gems await in the depths of your storage! It may even be smart to start buying transitional holiday decor. While a lot of those items can feel strictly for Christmas, there are plenty of ways to repurpose them. Try buying decorations that can evolve smoothly between holidays. For example, buying a lot of red decor during Christmas means it can easily be used for Valentine’s Day. If you’re feeling really creative, try repurposing those red bows you have from Christmas in your 4th of July celebrations.  


When repurposing those decor pieces, you can easily adopt a more creative attitude. With those pieces that feel are too Christmasy, with a little extra effort, you can make them last throughout the duration of the winter. Take your wreaths for example. By adding in some winterized pine cones or some warm spring flowers, you can take the holiday aspect out of them and give yourself a brand new way to show off that greenery. These can also double as a perfect centerpiece. Lay the wreath flat in the middle of your table and then, insert some nice candles of all heights within the center hole. With those two easy steps, you’ve transformed your whole tablescape and your friends and family will be impressed! 

Thrift Shop 

Not only is your place filled with hidden treasures, but the thrift store also has so many unique decor accents for extremely cheap prices! Why spend your money on brand new items when you can find items with so similar for 5 dollars or less? Many furniture stores actually donate to their local thrift stores, with slightly malfunctioned products. With a little elbow grease, you can make them look brand new! They also have many antique picture frames, lamps, and vases that will give your living area so much character. Refer here for some do’s and don’ts while thrifting. 

When looking to prepare your home for the holidays, think outside the box this year. There are plenty of ways to still get that dream look you are going for, but at a lower cost! Look into unique ways to spruce up your living space. Comment below an uncommon way you brightened up your home this year.  

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