3 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

3 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

3 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Y’all, bachelorette parties are so much fun. I always have a blast celebrating one of my girlfriend’s last days of being single. However, I’ve been to so many of these events now; they’re all starting to blend together. Here are 3 unique bachelorette party ideas to ensure everyone has a special and fun time.


The brave at heart should try to go glamping for a bachelorette party. Glamping is the perfect option for brides who love the outdoors. Make no mistake, y’all, glamping is nothing like the traditional camping experience. Unlike camping, glamping is much more high-end. You can set up an extravagant tent that your friends will be so impressed with. If you do your research beforehand, you may also find a campsite that has electricity. What’s more fun than binge-watching this season of The Bachelor in a glamourous tent? As long as you don’t forget the wine, y’all will have a blast.

Cooking Class

Cooking classes are all the rage right now. If you want to hop on the bandwagon, you should book a cooking class for a bachelorette party. You and your girls will have so much fun trying out new recipes with each other. You can get silly and sip some wine while you cook, as well. Y’all, when I took a cooking class, I had so much fun interacting with the professional chef and seeing how bad my girlfriends are at cooking. The best part was, we got to eat the meal when we were finished. I took the recipe home so I could perfect it in my own kitchen, too.

Trip to a Winery

If the bachelorette wants to keep things more chill, consider taking a trip to a winery for her party. There’s nothing better than sipping delicious wines in the countryside. You’ll feel completely rejuvenated after a trip to the winery with your girlfriends. It’s a unique bachelorette party idea because a lot of times, these events are all about staying busy. So many women want these days to be jam-packed with activities, and you never get to relax. A winery tour is the complete opposite. Instead of the hustle and bustle, you can hang with your girls and take in the fantastic scenery.

These unique bachelorette party ideas are perfect for brides who want to step outside of the box. If you try one of these activities, you’ll make memories that’ll last you a lifetime. Remember to bring a camera whenever you go, y’all. You’ll surely want to capture every moment of the day.

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