3 Unique Things to Collect from NC Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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3 Unique Things to Collect

3 Unique Things to Collect from NC Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

I’m a collector, y’all. I love starting collections and having people admire them when they come over. Also, I think I’ll make a decent profit if I ever decide to put my collections on the market. One of the reasons why I love starting collections is because all of my collections are unique. I promise you’ll never meet someone with the same collectibles as me. This brief article will discuss three unique things to collect. It’s like I always say, “the more special the collection is, the more cash you can make down the line.”

Antique Furniture 

There are so many reasons why people collect antiques. For starters, antiques make fantastic family heirlooms; they’re items that you can hand down from generation to generation. However, lots of people collect antique jewelry. One unique thing to collect is antique furniture. While everyone else’s jewelry boxes are filled with vintage pearls, you’ll stand out by preserving an antique rocking chair from the 19th century. I love collecting antique furniture because the pieces are genuinely beautiful, and as long as I keep them in good condition, I can sell them for a pretty penny in the future.

Vintage Clothing 

Y’all, sometimes I swear that I was born in the wrong era. I look at clothing from the 1950s and wish I could be transported back in time. Since I’m so envious of old-time fashion, I started collecting vintage clothing. I have one closet where I keep all of my modern clothing, and one is entirely full of vintage designs. Yes, I want to keep the garments in excellent condition so I can make a profit in the future. However, I do sometimes slip on a 60s dress and play dress up around the house. I could spend hours marveling at all the outfits I’ve collected over the years. Hopefully, I can bring myself to part ways with the clothing in the future so I can make some serious cash.

Comic Books 

I’ll admit, my husband got me hooked on comic books. While it was his obsession at first, I now have an impressive assortment of comic books myself. I’ve honestly become obsessed with finding limited editions of certain comics. Every time I hear of a lead, I follow the thread until I find what I’m looking for. Of course, I keep every comic book in its plastic wrapping. I want to keep the comics in the best shape possible because the profits are insane. It’s astonishing what some people will pay to hear stories of their favorite superheroes.

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