4 DIY Woodworking Projects to do with Your Children from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

4 DIY Woodworking Projects to do with Your Children

Woodworking is a great and wholesome hobby that you can get into with your children. This hobby can help teach kids how to work with their hands while also encouraging problem solving and creativity.

Kids can begin helping at an early age with easy and adult supervised DIY easy projects. Even if they are too young to work with tools, have your kids help paint the wood with stain or a finish. Try out these four DIY easy projects to jumpstart you and your kids into woodworking.

Address Sign

4 DIY Woodworking Projects to do with Your Children from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Creating an address sign is one of the easiest projects you can begin with. What you will need is one piece of wood, cut down to the size you want. A jigsaw is best to use to make the cut and is a saw for kids to use as long as they are supervised and have hands-on help the first few times.

Once the wood is cut, apply the stain color you want, along with a polyurethane coat to help protect the sign from the elements. For the address numbers, you can buy them at a local hardware store. Center and glue them on one at a time.

For an added project, pick up a few small cans of different color stain and let the kids paint scrap wood. This will let them learn more about how stain works and allow them to find a favorite.


A fun project that can double as a Christmas gift is to make coasters. Everyone uses them and kids will have fun adding a creative touch to an easy project. There are many different designs you can use to make coasters, from a simple square to more intricately cut designs.

 A jigsaw is one of the easier saws to use with simple crafts, you can opt to make a square or circle for the shape of the coaster. For younger kids, let them customize their coasters with paint. Top with a polyurethane finish to seal the wood.

Crayon Block

Almost all kids love coloring, so choose this easy craft to give them a reason to keep crayons off the floor and in this super cool DIY crayon holder. To make this craft you will need 3 small pieces of wood.

This full tutorial shows you all the steps to make the crayon holder. An added bonus includes how to make a travel coloring board to sit them in. This craft is great for entertaining your kids during those rainy days where they are stuck inside.

Key Rack

4 DIY Woodworking Projects to do with Your Children from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Give your kids a sense of pride and let them make something to help out in the house. Something as simple as a wooden key rack can help you keep track of your keys and allow them to feel proud to see it every time they walk in the door.

You will need a board, some stain, a few metal hooks, and nails or wood glue to install them. For an added pop of color, let your kids choose a fun neon orange, bright blue or pink to paint the metal hooks.

These easy crafts are a great way for you to teach your kids about woodworking and will get them excited about making their own crafts for their home. Allowing kids to hands-on help will also instill a respect for tools and equipment, teaching them to be careful around power tools and how to put them away after each use so they stay in good condition.

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  1. Hi Melissa,
    Just visited your blog and thank you very much for your awesome tips about the above four.
    Yes, this is a good idea to engage kids in such a way so that you can learn slowly.
    Keep posting so that we could learn something new every time.

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  3. I’m a huge fan of DIY working. I like this project very much now I can share this project with my child and to do some DIY working.

    Thanks for such an amazing idea.

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