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4 Gardening Apps That You Actually Need


In the United States, gardening is being embraced by a growing number of people as they get more particular about the foods that they are eating. Aside from the health and nutritional benefits of planting your own produce, Americans are also getting into the hobby because it saves them the time, effort, and money of going to the grocers instead to get some fruits and vegetables.

Today’s technology has helped innovated some advancements to help gardeners from all over across the country. Apps have been developed by various companies in order to help people cultivate their plants.

If you are keen on downloading some of them after you get your iPhone in a Los Angeles repair shop, then you may want to read on because this article features the best gardening apps you could ever hope for.


Landscaper’s Companion

This app has a plant database with more than 26,000 plants and 17 categories, which makes it one of the top gardening plant references that have been created. It has great search capabilities that you can check out when you need some information. You can also add a plant in the database if you could not find it in there.

Landscaper’s Companion will also let you store notes and lists of the details that you need about certain plants. General information or reference can also be found in the app to teach you about a plant’s bloom time, water needs, size, etc.

You can download it on the Apple Store for both your iPhone and iPad devices.


The New Sunset Western Garden Book App

This app can serve as “The Holy Bible” of those that live in the western part of the United States. It has a book that you can also buy at your local bookstores. However, this app is much more interactive. All the information you can find in the book will also be included in the application; moreover, it would also provide you some videos about the gardening advice, explanation, and demonstration.

It will also allow you take down some notes about your own garden. You can basically make your personal notebook by bookmarking and organizing the ideas on the app. You can download this app through iTunes.


Sprout It!

Sprout it is an app you can download and use for free on the Android and Apple Stores. This application is a customized gardening tool that will help you by offering detailed information about growing herbs and vegetables that are based on your area and location. It can assist you to cultivate the garden you want to achieve.

Weather alerts can also be provided by this app, along with some tips when you need to recover some produce affected by extreme weather conditions.


Garden Compass

Garden Compass is available to Apple and Android users. It will help gardeners from everywhere identify plants, diseases, and pests that are sure to harm their gardens.

You can also send a picture of your garden to their experts to help you with your landscape design. It also has a shop where you can buy some plants; it can also help you find a retailer if the plant you are looking for is not available in theirs.

The app has been given a 5-star review by people who are so impressed with its various uses.

Download these apps now, and they will sure aid you in your gardening by making your hobby easy, simple, and enjoyable!


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