4 Innovative & Inexpensive Bridal Shower Ideas

4 Innovative & Inexpensive Bridal Shower Ideas

4 Innovative & Inexpensive Bridal Shower Ideas

A bridal shower is fun to celebrate the bride-to-be by spoiling them with gifts, champagne, and love. However, when planning a bridal shower on a budget, there are few articles to help you not overspend while still preparing a special event.

From decorations to tasty finger foods, y’all know that expenses can add up. So, if you’re looking to throw an affordable bridal shower, I’m here to show you four innovative and inexpensive bridal shower ideas for you to throw a killer party on a budget. 

Host Your Bridal Shower in the Backyard

If you or someone you know at the wedding party has the yard space, you should consider hosting the bridal shower in the privacy of someone’s residence. A backyard bridal party is an inexpensive way to celebrate from the comfort of your home. You can decorate the backyard with DIY crafty decorations like string lights, hanging candles, and beautiful table decorations. 

Consider Having a Co-host

One of the easiest ways to plan an inexpensive shower is by opting to co-host the event with your bridesmaids, family, or friends. You can evenly split the cost of items for the party, giving you more room to splurge on “must-haves.” Believe me; having some help while making decisions, paying for things, and hosting the event will help release some stress. 

Keep the Menu Simple

When planning on a budget, avoid planning to provide a full course meal. Entrees with side dishes, place settings, and cutlery can be pricey. Instead, opt for finger foods and light appetizers to cut costs.  

Cater your food or work with your bridal party to cook the items yourself! When creating your menu, think of your favorite small plates to serve your guests. Create a list and allow them to pick which dish they’ll bring to the bridal shower.

Create Edible Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to thank your guests for attending your shower, but this doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. You can create or go to your local bakery to make customizable edible favors for your guests to munch on when they leave. 

The cost of your shower does not equate to how amazing the party is. Use our four innovative and inexpensive shower ideas to ensure you’re staying within budget while creating a luxury experience for your bridal shower. 

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