4 Signs That Your Windows Need Replacing
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4 Signs That Your Windows Need Replacing

Keeping your home in excellent condition and staying on top of maintenance tasks is essential to keep your property looking great while preserving its value. However, when you spend time in your home every day, it can become so familiar that it is hard to see where improvements are needed.  One area of the home that is often overlooked is its windows. A home’s windows are often taken for granted. While you may wash them every once in a while, many people forget about their windows and accept them as part of the fabric of the building. However, like everything else in a home, your windows must be maintained and replaced periodically.

4 Signs That Your Windows Need Replacing

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Knowing when to replace your windows is tricky. Unless you have lived in your home since it was first built, it can be hard to know precisely how old the windows are. But, even if you are unsure when the windows were installed, there are some tell-tale signs to look out for that show they may need replacing.

Take a look at the top signs that indicate your windows need to be replaced:

  1. Your Home’s Energy Consumption is High

Did you know heat gain and loss of cool air through your windows are responsible for approximately 25 to 30% of a home’s energy consumption? This means that a large portion of the work your HVAC puts in is lost through your windows, and extra energy is needed so it can work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. So, if you notice that your energy consumption is rising and your home seems to struggle to stay at your chosen temperature, your windows could be to blame.

Having energy-efficient replacement windows installed, such as those shown here, can make a noticeable difference to your home’s energy consumption. With help from your replacement windows, your home can retain a comfortable temperature while saving you money on your energy bills.

  1. Your Glass Has Condensation Inside

If you have double-glazed windows, you may have noticed that condensation builds up inside your windows or even between the two panes of glass. Over time, this can cause your windows to become fogged up, making it hard for you to see through the glass and impacting the appearance of your windows. This condensation is usually caused by the seal of the window failing and allowing moisture to enter through the gaps. While you could have the seal repaired, you may discover that the problem keeps returning. Replacing your windows is often the best choice and will ensure that fogged-up glass is a thing of the past.

  1. You Can Clearly Hear Outside Noise

High-quality, modern windows should not only provide protection from the elements, but they should also offer some sound protection. If you can hear the wind whistling outside through your windows, or the sound of cars driving along your street seems to be louder recently, your windows could be the cause. 

Hearing every noise from outside can be especially annoying at night when you are trying to sleep, so dealing with this window-related problem is essential to get a peaceful night’s rest. Ongoing disturbances from noise during the night can impact your quality of sleep and have a knock-on effect the following day. After all, it is hard to wake up feeling refreshed when you have been continually woken during the night. 

After having replacement windows fitted, you may be surprised to discover just how much quieter it is inside your home. Putting an end to noise pollution from outside and enjoying a more peaceful night’s sleep can significantly enhance your sense of well-being simply by installing new windows.

  1. Your Window Frames Appear Outdated

Your property’s windows are one of its most-noticeable features from inside and out. So, if your windows do not look their best, this can have a significant impact on the appearance of your home. This means that as well as not performing well from a functional viewpoint, neglected windows can also reduce your home’s curb appeal and lower its value. 

Installing replacement windows can give your home an instant facelift and elevate its appearance without needing to do anything else to your property. Nowadays, there are so many different styles and designs of windows available, so you should find windows that perfectly match the aesthetic of your home. 

Having replacement windows fitted may seem like a small home upgrade, but as you can see, it can make a vast difference to your property’s appearance and your comfort levels.

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