5 Creative Ways To Use Apples in Your Home
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5 Creative Ways To Use Apples in Your Home

5 Creative Ways To Use Apples in Your Home

Apples are incredibly delicious, and they make for a fantastic addition to your kitchen. A crispy apple is an excellent snack, but you might need to find other uses for the fruit if you find yourself with a pile of apples. Whether y’all pick them yourself or buy them from your local grocery store, you may find these creative ways to use apples in your home helpful.

Make Apple Butter

Although this spread contains no butter, apple butter is extremely delightful. Most fruit butters are thick, smooth purees that are delicious additions to toast or biscuits. Interestingly, y’all can use your abundance of apples and a slow cooker to make decadent apple butter.

Keep Baked Goods Moist

There’s nothing worse than stale cookies, cakes, or brownies, but there is an incredibly easy solution to this common problem—slice an apple and put a few wedges into an airtight container with your baked goods. Apples have a high water content, providing moisture to prevent your treats from going stale.

Create an Apple Candle Holder

I love when my house smells like fresh apple pie, but the scented candles don’t always produce the scent I’m looking for. Fortunately, y’all can core out the center of an apple and place a tealight candle or votive inside it. When I light the candle, my house smells like a fresh apple dessert!

Grill Your Apples

Grilled apples are one of my favorite dishes at any barbeque, and it’s super simple to prepare. I like to pair them with steaks or pork chops for a hint of sweetness in an otherwise salty or savory meal. Y’all can also season your apples with cinnamon sugar and drizzle them with caramel after they come off the grill for an excellent dessert.

Use Apples To Soak Up Salt

Cooking is fun, but it can go wrong when you add too much salt to a dish. Luckily, apples can save y’all in the kitchen! Whenever I find a dish too salty, I add apple wedges to it and stir. The apples soak up extra salt, and you can remove them before serving. Surprisingly, your dish won’t be as salty, and you won’t taste the apple.

If you’re anything like me, you may wonder why there are so many different types of apples. Regardless of the variety you prefer, it’s sure to provide countless creative ways to use apples in your home. I love eating a fresh apple for a snack, but I also think apples are a valuable fruit to keep in your kitchen for many other uses.

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