5 Laundry Room Rules Your Residents Will Appreciate
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5 Laundry Room Rules Your Residents Will Appreciate

5 Laundry Room Rules Your Residents Will Appreciate

Running an apartment building can be a complex endeavor. When you have several things to worry about, posting rules in the laundry room may not seem like a priority. However, doing so can help minimize conflict, creating less work for you. Check out these five laundry room rules I think your residents will appreciate.

1. Avoid Touching Another Person’s Laundry

One reason to post rules in your property’s laundry room is that some people just don’t know any better. Not everyone shares the same idea of laundry room manners! They may not realize that just because the laundry room is a community space doesn’t mean laundry is a community endeavor. Posting rules will help people understand that messing with someone else’s things is something other tenants will consider rude.

2. Don’t Leave Laundry Unattended

If you’ve never had anything stolen from you in a public place, then I could forgive you for thinking the laundry room is a safe place to leave your things.

That said, I also think you should add a condition to this rule, like “Don’t leave laundry unattended longer than 15 minutes.” Otherwise, tenants could not step away to use the bathroom or take a call without breaking the rules.

3. Don’t Leave Wallets, Phones, or Laptops

It’s easy to imagine a resident getting to the laundry room and realizing they forgot to bring dryer sheets. They decide to run back to their apartment and grab it, but they leave all their things behind, including the laptop they were using to watch movies. While they’re gone, someone else snatches the laptop.

If you don’t want residents to think you’re responsible for their actions (“Why don’t you have better security?”), make the rules clear about not leaving non-laundry items behind. This rule ensures that the facility is not responsible for items lost or stolen by other tenants or visitors.

4. Rules About Bleach

Some people like to use bleach in their laundry to make their white clothes extra bright. I don’t blame them for wanting to remove dinginess from their clothes, but too much bleach in your machines can cause problems. It leaves a residue that could affect the next person’s clothing and wear down the machines. Whatever your stance is on bleach, you should post the rules about it somewhere everyone can see them.

5. Clean Up After Yourself

As I said before, not everyone has the same standards of behavior. Some folks are just happier assuming that someone else is going to clean up after them. By posting this rule, you can make it clear who’s actually responsible.

I hope this list of laundry room rules is something you and your residents will appreciate. This step should cut down on work for you, and hopefully, it will help improve your apartment building laundry room for tenants. Let me know in the comments if you have other rule ideas!

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