5 Reasons You Should Buy Products in Resealable Packaging
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5 Reasons You Should Buy Products in Resealable Packaging

5 Reasons You Should Buy Products in Resealable Packaging

Hey y’all! Ever grab a big box off the grocery shelf just because of the picture on it? C’mon, I know you do. So I reckon it’s time we had a chat about 5 reasons you should buy products in resealable packaging.

What Qualifies As Resealable Packaging?

The gold standard of resealable packaging is the humble pouch. It comes with a built-in zipper top, or in some cases, an actual cap that screws back on. These kinds of pouches can be made hundreds at a time, efficiently, by machines designed to create, fill, and seal them.

Sure, cereal boxes come with those little tabs at the top that are supposed to keep the box closed after you pour your first bowl, but seriously, how are those workin’ for ya? Thought so. So let’s get real and talk about the benefits of buying stuff in genuinely resealable packaging.

Extended Shelf Life

First off, when you buy something in resealable packaging, you get the added value of a longer shelf (or freezer) life. Even with a chip clip, your tasty fix of crispy, salty, greasy delight will go all stale and sad pretty fast. But with resealable packaging, you can seal them back up tight and keep them crispy and fresh for longer.

Reduced Food and Plastic Waste

Y’all know we need to be mindful of our planet and do our part to reduce both food and plastic waste. Instead of throwing away stale food, or transferring food from the plastic bag, it came into another plastic bag you bought to store leftovers in, buying stuff in resealable packaging means you can seal the product in its original packaging. The same goes for other household products like laundry detergent or dishwashing pods.

Versatility for Reuse

OK, so what happens when you run out of dishwashing pods or cereal? You just buy more in another resealable bag, right? How does that help?

I’ll tell you how: you take that empty resealable bag and use it to store something else—beads, twist-ties, golf tees, whatever. Yep, just wash it out, let it dry completely, and use it to contain something else. Just like that, you’ve cut your household consumption considerably.

Now, personally, I won’t put food in a bag that previously held something that wasn’t edible. And I won’t store food items in a bag that I previously used to store raw meat. Hey, being a germ freak helps me stay healthy, so don’t judge!

Portion Control

Resealable packaging can help control eating habits. You can either buy single-serving items, or portion out just what you need and seal the rest for later. You won’t have an excuse to eat all of it at once for fear it would spoil otherwise.

Less Storage Space Required

Resealable packaging is compact compared to boxes or cartons. They take up less space, so you can fit more goodies in less room instead of playing Tetris with your food every time you put away groceries. Give it a try and prove to yourself why you should buy products in resealable packaging.

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