5 Top Tips for Treating Your Loved Ones for a Fantastic Wine-Based Experience from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

5 Top Tips for Treating Your Loved Ones for a Fantastic Wine-Based Experience

5 Top Tips for Treating Your Loved Ones for a Fantastic Wine-Based Experience from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Wine tastings and other wine-related events have become some of the most popular activities for adults. Apart from trying various types and flavors of wine, many enjoy the social and scenic aspects of these experiences.

Because these events have a romantic ambiance to them, many like to visit wineries to propose marriage, take engagement photos, or celebrate a big occasion like an anniversary. Some also like to go to these places just because or to treat loved ones to a fun, relaxing trip.

Planning a winery trip, however, can be stressful if you have the anticipation that everything must go “flawlessly.” If you’re going to be engaging in a wine-based experience with family and/or friends soon, consider the following tips to ensure your day is nothing less than exciting.

1. Make appointments at the wineries you wish to visit.

The smaller the winery, or even the more popular the winery, the higher the chance they will require you to make a reservation prior to showing up for a tour or tasting. Due to this, it’s important to not just plan what wineries you and your family or friends will be visiting on your trip but also make appointments if and when necessary.

By making specific plans and appointments, your winery trip will be less stressful, more enjoyable, and less likely to feature unexpected disappointments.

2. Plan something for the kiddos.

More often than not, wineries are no place for young children. Although some wineries may welcome kids, they really aren’t exciting places for anyone other than adults. Children running around, screaming, crying, or even complaining that they’re bored can rush your winery experience, and thus, ruin the fun for everyone else.

For the latter reasons, it’s imperative to set up care arrangements for the children of you and/or your loved ones who are going to be going on the trip, whether that be with a babysitter, another family member, or a YMCA.

3. Bring snacks.

To really bring out the flavors of each type of wine you try, it’s important to have complementary foods on hand. Taking snacks with you on your trip can also help clear your palate as you try a new wine. Bring plenty of food for everyone from cheese cubes and crackers to raw vegetables and fresh fruits.

Not sure what foods will pair well with the different types of wine you will be consuming or vice versa? There are several food and wine pairing resources to take advantage of.

4. Take pictures to document the moment.

While it’s important for you and your loved ones to fully indulge in every moment while wine-tasting, taking some photos here and there can help you all relive the moment months, years, and even decades down the road.

To capture the best photos, it’s a good idea to coordinate outfits with you and the people going with you to the winery. Aim for darker colors just in case there’s spillage.

5. Make arrangements for a ride home.

You might think that making arrangements for the ride home is the most unpleasant aspect of planning a trip to the winery. However, it is certainly the most important. Your lovely day sipping wine can be completely ruined by a DUI ticket, or worse, a car collision.

Play it safe by either having a sober individual drive everyone home or plans for some sort of public transportation or rideshare service. This way, you and your pals won’t have to be too careful with how much you plan to drink while at the winery and can be confident they will arrive home safely with someone else driving.


Although there’s no such thing as a perfect trip to the winery, there are ways you can make it one of the best experiences. Making winery appointments beforehand, keeping the kids busy, bringing snacks, taking pictures, and making ride arrangements can ensure your wine-based experience goes smoother and safer.

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