work life balance

5 Ways to Achieve that Work Life Balance Magic

work life balance

Staying productive while balancing a busy life is one step closer to attaining that work-life harmony. But what does it take for a modern woman – especially aspiring mompreneurs – to increase their productivity? DESE Enterprise CEO Yang Yang, also known as The Boss in White, has some simple, easy steps towards taking control of your schedule!

Born and raised in Beijing, Yang Yang attended the University of Cambridge, where she earned a Master’s Degree in Business before making the journey to the United States to start her own company. Always donning white, Yang created her empire with humble beginnings on eBay back in 2004. What started as a one-woman business has grown into DESE Enterprise, which is comprised of,, and

how to balance work and life

Check out these simple steps on boosting productivity to gain better balance in work and at home:

1. Make deadlines — Many tasks don’t have deadlines but setting one will help you finish them faster and be able to move to the next thing quicker.

2. Reward yourself — Set a goal and when you reach it, buy yourself something nice —this will keep you motivated to achieve that goal.

3. Stop being a perfectionist — While having high standards is good, trying to do everything perfectly can waste time. Get the work done to the best of your ability the first time, and don’t second guess yourself — you’ll be happier with your work.

4. Dress to impress —Your personal appearance is the first thing a customer is going to notice, so wear a nice outfit — it’s always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed. When you look and feel good, you tend to work faster, so take a few minutes to make sure your clothes are nicely prepared, your hair is brushed and set, and you feel fantastic.

5. Don’t waste time — If you live close to your work office, you won’t waste time on driving. If you have to commute, take advantage of your travel time by listening to podcasts or audiobooks to learn a new skill or relax with a bit of alone time to regroup.

Make all the right moves for your business and your family with these steps! With years of experience in building a business from the ground up, Yang empowers other women to grow their own companies, dare to dream, and create a future they desire with her trendy tips.

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