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5 Website Apps to Boost up Your Day


In life, we experience days where we have too many demands that compete for our time: work, family, and personal goals. This leaves time management somewhat tricky for us. Thankfully, technology exists to help us cope with our problems. A little side note though: don’t get too addicted to your computer or laptop or else you’ll find yourself constantly visiting a computer repair shop in Los Angeles.

If you feel like you are always busy and juggling too many at a time, here are 5 smart apps that will help you get the right balance between work and me time!

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  1. Focus Booster

Focus Booster is an app that encourages the user to stop wasting time on unnecessary tasks and finish his business. It is based on the Pomodoro technique and the app allows you to set a “focus” time and breaks. It also lets you set the timer so you can start working. This app can be used by freelancers so they bill their clients correctly by setting hourly rates for each client and then auto-tracking the time they have spent on the project. Anyone can also use Focus Booster especially if he or she plans on using his or her time wisely and finishing his or her tasks on hand.

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  1. SavedPlus

SavedPlus is an app that encourages the user to save money without realizing it. Without the hassle of math, SavedPlus lets you connect your credit cards and bank accounts and set a percentage which will be automatically transferred to your savings account. For example, you spent P100 on your meal and you’ve indicated 10% will be saved, then 10 pesos will immediately go to your savings account. Try this app for one whole month and you will be surprised at how easy saving money is!

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  1. Stress Tracker

Stress is one of the main problems for every busy person out there. You can reduce stress levels throughout the day with Stress Tracker. With this app, you will be able to record the sources of your stress, symptoms, and your overall mood. Afterwards, you can use the app’s insights tools to know your biggest triggers and learn to avoid them. With Stress Tracker, you’ll get to have a less stressed life!

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  1. Daily Routine

As its name suggests, Daily Routine will help you keep track of your daily chores and will send you notifications on what you should be doing and when. You can also schedule routines for specific days of the week or month and add special reminders for the tasks that usually slip your mind. Daily Routine won’t let you run to the convenience store in the middle of the night because you forgot to do the groceries and your fridge is empty.

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  1. Timeneye

This free app is a non-distracting time tracking software for the user to monitor how he spends his time on anything he does from work projects up to hobbies. You can sync it with other software like Google Calendar and Trello and track your time without the need of switching back and forth. In time, the app will learn your habits and then automatically suggest time entries on you! That means you will spend less time on boring work and have more room for innovation and creativity.


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