7 Awesome Furnishing Hacks to Transform Your Bedroom into Your Personal Space from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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7 Awesome Furnishing Hacks to Transform Your Bedroom into Your Personal Space

7 Awesome Furnishing Hacks to Transform Your Bedroom into Your Personal Space from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Your day starts and ends in your bedroom, so ensuring it is always organized will give you the satisfaction you need about your home. Floors in disarray, overflowing drawers, and a cluttered bed will leave you frazzled, but a well-organized bedroom will keep you sane. But whether your room is spacious or small, you can maximize its surroundings with some clever tricks and some common sense. If you are having issues with decluttering and transforming your bedroom, it’s time to makeover your space and ensure you always rest easy with the following furnishing hacks that would transform your bedroom. As with any home alterations, your budget plays a role. You may want to consider using a free budget template to see just how much you can afford to allocate towards your bedroom furnishings.  

Divide the Room

The issue of privacy is often ignored when you are sharing your small house with other people, but even when you share the same room, you can still establish clear boundaries. You can physically separate your room without necessarily requiring a construction permit. Bookshelves, screens, and curtains each offer personal space without taking up so much space. Standing mirrors and tall plants can also be used to transform your bedroom as a separation illusion. You also need to note that your room dividers do not need to be completely solid. Although dividers may extend your private area only a foot from your bed, you will feel more relieved for having personal space.

Style Clutter

Maintaining a mess-free bedroom can seem like an overwhelming task, so you probably need to consider organized clutter as a suitable alternative to that. However, even with that in mind, you need to distinguish between bad and good clutter. The latter refers to stacks of magazines and books, bedside table trays full of objects, and art resting on walls. On the other hand, bad clutter implies the dirty clothes on your floor, unmanaged electrical cords, and the unopened mail or paperwork.

You can deal with the good messes by styling the key areas such as nightstand and bookcase. On the other hand, you can handle the unnecessary messes by making use of the hidden storage in your room. If you do not have enough space, do not overlook a bed frame which rises up the floor so you can use the underside of your bed for storage bins. Disguise the underside with a bed skirt which can be ideal in textured fabrics such as linen or chambray.

Consider Modern Style

Without a doubt, the bed is the most essential component of your bedroom. You may be attracted to beds that are overflowing with fluffy pillows, but it is possible to create a comfortable and modern looking bed. This is an excellent way to achieve a modern design and transform your bedroom. An excellent example is the platform bed which is a thin and simple looking bed. You can also consider modern bedroom furniture to enhance the appearance of your room. There are various bedding styles that can meet your needs as far as transforming your bedroom is concerned. You can click here to learn more about modern bedding and furniture.

Dress Your Bed

Your bed should be as perfect as that of a luxury hotel. Most people often disregard the significance of dressing their bed and depend on the same duvet they use every night. Reusing your bedding does not always offer a finished look. To create a bed that will upgrade your space instantly, you can opt for a pair of sheets and fold the one on top over the duvet to create a more polished look.

If your plan is to acquire another set of sheets, look past the classic whites. Bedding and Bedrooms do not need to be all-white any longer. You can mix different colors and shades to get the appearance you desire.

Footboard Storage

Make use of the space at the end section of your bed for extra storage. Baskets and Cubbies are an excellent option. An ottoman or a chest is ideal for storing linens, blankets, and wardrobe items that are out of season. For additional touches, you need to remember that all the little details, from jewelry storage to shelves, make a great impact on the attractiveness and efficiency of your bedroom space.

Upgrade Lampshades

Searching for an excellent way to give your bedroom a fresh look? If your answer is YES, you should consider replacing your lampshade. This is one of the simplest ways to give your bedroom an excellent look for less. There are chances that the lampshade you own comes with the basic, undesirable shape, so upgrading it will have a massive impact on your makeover. Since the shade can make or break a lamp, you can go for a colored or a cool fabric choice. You can also go for a shade which is taller than usual to give your bedroom an exceptional appearance.

Redistribute Artwork

Pieces of art are meant to be adored, so it is normal to hang your favorite piece in the social area of your house, such as your living room. However, it’s important to remember that similar effects can be achieved in the bedroom as much as they are achieved in the living room. If your bedroom lacks in art, that is simply letting your room down. Do not overlook hanging some of your best pieces of art in your bedroom. Simply because a bedroom is regarded as a private space doesn’t mean you cannot display your best pieces in there. Instead, you can redistribute your art pieces in the house and experiment with a single statement piece over the bedhead for a most rewarding effect.


The room where you wake up in and rest your head during the night should be a reflection of your ideal state of mind. For that reason, it is essential to keep your bedroom organized and arranged accordingly. However, there is no need to invest in expensive artwork and gear to achieve that purpose. You can utilize any practical approach that will optimize your bedroom space and keep it beautiful. You can also consider one or more of the pointers above to transform your bedroom into a personalized and attractive space.

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