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Is your child begging you for a pet? Is your significant other forwarding too many videos of cute animals with the message “Want”?

What can be a better way to surprise them than with a puppy under the Christmas tree? Here are a few things to consider, the last point being the most important.

Major Responsibility

Pets are a huge responsibility is a fact that goes without saying. Children tend to lose interest in their Christmas presents quite swiftly. With a pet, you cannot risk that. Your child cannot simply choose to stop taking care of their pet.

Your significant other might also not have the time to tend to the needs of the pets. In the long run, a pet is a responsibility, not just a gift item.


Going out and getting a pet for your family without discussing with your partner is unfair. Gifting a pet to your partner may not go down well with their family or housemates. Giving someone a live animal as a pet is a big step. Do not end up overstepping boundaries by gifting the gift of life when people are not ready to take the responsibility.

Pets Need Space

All animals need their own space. When gifting a pet to anyone you need to be sure that they will get the space they need. Without being sure of the fact that the animal will get their own space, you should not burden anyone with a pet. An animal that does not get the space they need, they get destructive.

Pets Are Long-Term Commitments

Pets are there to stay for a long time. An animal like a dog can be someone’s responsibility for a good 10-15 years. Any kind of life change for the gift recipient during the lifespan of the pet can spell disaster. Without being sure of what the future holds, do not take the step of riddling the life of an animal with uncertainty.  

Pets are a Financial Liability

A pet is not a one-time investment. You need to buy pet meds, food, and other items. Even if there are many websites which feature offers on pet discount supplies, maintaining a pet requires disposable income. You might be adding a fiscal liability to someone’s life by gifting an animal.

All Puppies Grow Up

No matter how small an animal is when you gift it, they will grow bigger. Even miniature versions of dog breeds do not remain puppies forever. As an animal grows so do their needs. You will never have a cute little puppy forever.

An Animal Is Not an Object

The biggest thing you need to understand before gifting a pet for Christmas is the fact that an animal is not a toy. An animal is a living, breathing and feeling individual that stands to suffer due to your negligent actions. Putting an animal in an environment where they are unwanted leads to animal abuse and abandonment.

Instead of having to bear the guilt of dooming an animal, you can take your loved ones to a shelter for Christmas. That way you can help spread positivity without added responsibility.

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