7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Happy & Healthy for the Holidays



1. Watch those baked treats.

We all love to bake during the holidays, even for dogs, and if your kitchen is like mine, everything from chocolate chips to caramel bits and more can be sitting out on the counter.

Making sure these ingredients are up away from your pet’s nose and mouth is imperative. We all know chocolate is bad for pets, but any overconsumption of human food can be a very bad thing.

Make sure all your food and the things that make it are put safely away when you’re not there to supervise!

2. Beware the Christmas tree.

My dogs have never messed with my tree, but I know plenty who have. Cats, especially, love the sparkle of the ornaments, twinkle of the lights, and chance to test their climbing skills.

But it’s not safe for our furry friends to get into the tree and all the decorations on it. Besides accidentally eating tinsel or breaking glass ornaments, a curious cat or playful puppy could accidentally pull your entire tree down on top of themselves!

Try setting up your tree in a room where you can close the door — or, if that’s not an option, set up a baby gate or play yard fence around the base of the tree and keep a close eye on your pets!

3. Cover the fireplace.

Your pet knows there’s no better place to warm up than the hearth in front of your fireplace. But little furry friends may not know their fur is getting a little too close to those open flames!

Make sure they’re protected (and any small children, too!) with a stylish fireplace screen.

4. Protect their paws.

I’ve been in the snow with bare feet (don’t ask!) and it’s cold. I’ve also tromped through snow in thin boots, and that’s cold, too!

Dogs and cats have the same problem when ice and snow cover the ground. Take the time to protect their paws with little booties. They may resist at first, but protecting their paws is a must!

If your pup is new to the idea of shoes, check out this helpful guide to get your dog used to booties.

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5. Give them a warm place to rest.

Whether your pet has a door to go in and out freely or is inside all day, a warm and comfy bed is always needed. With all the excitement of the holidays, pets need a good nap just like we do.

I replace my dog’s beds almost annually due to wear and tear and a loss of support. I find great beds everywhere, but I especially love the lined ones with sides and a back for winter. Pets love to curl up in them, even kitties, so give them a cozy, warm place to do just that!

6. Wrap them up.

My dogs love their beds, but those beds may not be enough when it’s below zero outside. When it’s really cold, I like to cover my dogs with cozy pet blankets.

Cats will also like snuggling in a soft blanket, and some may even curl up for a nap underneath it. If so, make sure your kitty isn’t hiding under their blanket in a spot where someone may actually sit or step on them!

7. Bring them inside.

I can’t stress enough the importance of letting your pets come inside your warm, heated house when it’s cold outside.

It’s just plain cruel to leave an animal out in the cold when you yourself would never be out there! Yes, they have fur coats, but even those don’t protect against intense cold, wind, and sleet. The number one thing you can do to keep them safe and warm this holiday is to bring them inside!

This post was written by Lori Pace at  Coupons.com.

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