8 Men Dress Styles That Go With Messenger Bags from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

8 Men Dress Styles That Go With Messenger Bags

8 Men Dress Styles That Go With Messenger Bags from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

One of the most lasting trends in men’s fashion is the messenger bag. Men of all ages can choose a dressing style to fit their day and pair it with a tasteful bag that holds all their important needs.

There are 8 different dressing styles that go with messenger bags. And you don’t have to be among the wealthy to own clothes that fit your day, night, path, or mood. For some of the best messenger bags to pair with these styles, check out stylishcarry.com.

1. Everyday Wear

 Each man will have a slightly different definition of everyday wear. An outfit a guy wears to run errands, go out to eat, go to the gym, or go to see a movie, varies by the size, style, and mood of the man.

In addition, if this man is walking or getting in and out of taxies, he may want to opt for a messenger bag that can take a beating, yet still look good. The material is typically a combination of nylon and heavy-duty fabrics that resist stains and tear.

Wearing loose fitting jeans, khakis, or cargo shorts is ideal, depending on the weather and where you live, for everyday wear around town. Don’t go overboard with the colors. Pick one or two hues to mix and match, and don’t go crazy with patterns either. Less is always more. 

2. Business

There are many different styles to choose from in this category of the man bag. Most of them are crafted out of various leathers, shiny buckles, and snaps. The most important part of a bag for business or work is the inside.

A bag with several pockets, dividers, and a place for all a man’s daily needs, like a cell phone, keys, pens and pencils, wallet and personal items, is the best fit for work. 

This type of bag is best paired with comfortable dress slacks, a blazer or suit jacket and a button-down shirt. The key is to adjust the straps on the bag so it hangs loosely and doesn’t wrinkle or bunch your sports coat.

3. Work 

Business and work could be two different styles for some men. Men who work with their hands, such as in construction, or building maintenance, may have a uniform to wear each day.

Depending on the color and the cut of a uniform, there are messenger bags that would work for a comfortable look as well as functional. 

4. Formal

 You may not think of a messenger bag as an accessory to formal wear, but there are some very nicely made, great looking bags to be paired with a tux or other jackets and ties.

A man has more choices today for formal wear than he did just 10 years ago. Fancy, form-fitting sports coats and a nice crisply pressed pair of jeans can be worn to many black tie affairs.

A man could also pair a tweed jacket with a button down yellow shirt and jeans to look sharp at an office party or a night at the theatre. 

5. Travel

 A messenger bag that contains dividers and multiple pockets are again, what’s called for, no matter your mode of transportation, when wandering the world for work or pleasure.

Back in the 40s and 50s, men and women would dress up in their Sunday Best to travel on an airplane or via train. Today, most people wear sweatpants and whatever is cleanest.

When traveling for business, it is best to wear something comfortable and casual, yet a little more dressed up. Think Casual Fridays at the office. One of the cardinal rules of travel is you never know who you will run into along your journey, better dress for everyone.  

6. Sports

A messenger bag is a better bet than a gym bag for the casual man. Many men go to the gym after a long day at work. Carrying a gym bag and your every day, a messenger bag is too much.

Choose a bag that can hold multiple items of various weights and sizes. If going to the gym from home, dress in casual, comfortable clothing and then change at the gym. No one should wear gym clothes out in public unless he or she is running around the streets for exercise.

Additionally, unless you are going hunting or are part of the armed forces, leave the camouflage and fatigue looking clothing for those activities. You will not need a bag made of camo either unless you need it for outdoor activities.

7. Dads

Most new dads will simply carry the diaper bag the mom of their child will carry. That would be fine if it wasn’t covered with pink elephants and wide-eyed owls. Even the plain diaper bags are not all that appealing to new dads. 

Messenger bags, specially made for dads, are a growing trend. And dads dress for the weather as well as what they are doing with their children. Blue jeans may not always be what’s called for when venturing out with the family. Khakis, a polo shirt, and a leather waist-length jacket could make a dad look like a runway model instead of just dad. 

8. Dating

In order to make a great first impression, a man may opt to leave his messenger bag at home on his first date. But why not wear it? When you are dating, a woman is attracted to a man who is well dressed as well as organized. One of the international symbols of an organized man is his messenger bag.

When a man is confident enough to carry a nice looking bag with his date, he will make a good impression. Depending on what time of day or night, and where the date is taking place, this will determine a man’s outfit. Make sure your clothing is well-fitting, clean, and comfortable. Nothing screams “I’m a mess” like wrinkled and dirty clothing.

No matter what your style or where you are heading, always remember to dress your age and dress comfortably. When paired with the right outfit, a  messenger bag, in various fabrics and colors, is the ultimate accessory.

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