solar powered machines
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8 Solar-Powered Machines for a Brighter Tomorrow

solar powered machines
The world is becoming more and more aware on the pressing issues of climate change and global warming. Scientists everywhere have truly made their voice heard regarding this issue. Although some people are still in denial about them, there are others who are finally taking some initiative to tackle these problems.

A number of these individuals are using solar panels. The Philippines has joined a group of countries that are slowly embracing this technology to replace their usage of non-renewable energy.

But a number of remarkable people have done more than that. They have invented new machines and apparatuses powered by the sun. Here are some of them:

zuba box


The ZubaBox is a mobile internet café located in one of Kenya’s rural areas. It was provided by the Computer Aid International to sub-Saharan Africa. It is, basically, made out of a shipping container that uses solar panels to contribute a total of 12 hours of electricity. Eleven monitors can be found inside, which operates using one computer that connects to the internet using a satellite connection.

solar powered trash compactors


Solar-powered trash compactors

Solar-powered trash compactors can be seen in the cities of Austria, Salzburg, Boston, and Philadelphia. BigBelly Solar has sold them to these places to help reduce garbage trucks’ trips to collect empty waste bins. These trash bins can easily be managed on a website, which facilitates the tracking of real-time trash level.


mv turanor

MV Turanor

Who says solar energy is for practical use only? The MV Turanor, a solar-powered catamaran, proves that it can also be for luxury. This 102-foot yacht has traveled to Singapore, Hong Kong, Tahiti, Panama Canal, and Miami with the help of the photovoltaic cells on its back!

solar impulse


Solar Impulse

The Solar Impulse is an airplane powered by 11,600 solar cells atop its wings. Bertrand Piccard, a Swiss adventurer, is the person responsible for this great idea. The plane also has sunlight-fueled batteries to help him fly it at night.


solar powered wheelchair


Solar-powered wheelchair

Haider Taleb invented the solar-powered wheelchair so he could venture all over across the United Arab Emirates. It took him a total of 11 days and 200 miles to complete the journey.




Husqvarna Group’s automatic mower is operated using its batteries and the solar panels found on its top. Its power can be used to mow ½ of an acre at a time – it doesn’t even need your push to do that!


sol cinema

Sol Cinema

The Sol Cinema, funded by the Undercurrents media arts organization, was built from the remains of a 1972 Euro-Camper. It can generally fit up to 8 adults inside and show them a film through the help of solar panels charge lithium ion batteries. Millennials and vintage-lovers will love it for its retro style.

tuk tuk


 Thailand’s traditional taxi known as the Tuk-Tuk has received a makeover. Solar panels have been put on its roof to power its battery, serving tourists and locals alike. More solar-powered machines are surely out there being designed and developed by individuals, groups, organizations, and companies — which undeniably makes you think that solar is the way of the future!


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