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A Glamping We Will Go

This winter weather is making me long for those days when the sun is high in the sky spreading its warmth. As I sit here longing for the days of sun and fun, I remember that day in the middle of last summer, July 18, my birthday to be exact, when my amazing friend Courtney threw me an all-girl glamping party. If you are not familiar with glamping it is the glamorous form of camping.

If you know my friend, Courtney, you know she goes all out when she throws a party. She has such  amazing taste. Just look at the pictures from the amazing party. Here is the set up outside.

glamping 3

Can you believe that she even spray painted a wheelbarrow for little old me? We had the campfire going as soon as it was dark. That was when the party moved outside. This was the set up inside.

glamping 2

This was part of the buffet table. See what I mean she goes all out. I love her centerpieces. Mason jars spray painted gold with gold glitter on the bottom. I also love how she went the extra mile and added cut logs to the table. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. Here is another picture.

glamping 5 (1)

She even spray painted and glittered the champagne bottles? I am so blessed to have such an awesome friend. As if the set up wasn’t enough the food was absolutely to die for. This was not the first time that I was able to taste her culinary skills but wow, she went all out on that as well. Just look at this tater tot dish.

glamping 4

Yummy. I had to have seconds on this. Hey don’t judge it was my birthday after all. This was just one of the many dishes she made and for dessert, Gourmet S’mores with Chocolate Chip Cookies. Look at the size of these cookies.

glamping 6 (1)

And I can’t forget the marshmallows and Hershey Chocolate bars.

glamping 7

Although we didn’t actually camp out over night the glamping party was huge success. Just look the smiles on some of the guests faces.

glamping one

Thank you Courtney for throwing such an amazing party for me. I wish I had gotten a picture with her that night. But I did manage to get a picture with another close friend who provided me with all the pictures from that night.

cindi and I (1)

You may remember Cindi from Down Home Magazine as she often guest posts here and on my other blog Adventures of Frugal Mom.  So tell me have you ever gone glamping?



28 Comments on “A Glamping We Will Go

  1. Well if you are going to go glamping… you need to glamp in style. LOL I can’t believe she even painted the wheel barrel.

  2. Our family doesn’t camp, or even glamp, but we do make s’mores in our firepit in the back yard. YUM!

  3. glamping is a new word for me I can not say I have ever glamped before. Looks like a lot of fun times were had by you ladies.

  4. What a fun party! Very different and unique. I know I would have had a blast. Might have to have one of those in my backyard.

  5. I LOVE the glamping idea!! I’ve never been, but I wanted to take my daughters and do this. They would love it. Thanks for the great ideas, I’m sure we will use a few!

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