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Champagne Style Bare Budget Family

Hi, first let me say that I am so happy that you chose to visit this new venture for me. My name is Melissa I am the face behind Champagne Style Bare Budget. I am the mom of three beautiful daughters, ages 27, 24, and 20. Having gone through the teenage years with three girls, you have to learn to stretch that budget just as much as you can. I have been married to my fabulous husband for over 28 years, and we have had our ups and downs but are stronger than ever. I also have one amazing son-in-love and an “adopted son and daughter-in-law”. We also have several fabulous fur babies, including Allie, our 11-year-old spoiled rotten Shih Tzu baby, Gigi, a pit bull mix that we rescued, along with 4 amazing outside cats (Markie, Jinxy, Tyger, and the lone male Travieso that we adopted as strays. Glad that you stopped by and looking forward to sharing some awesome Champagne Style on a Bare Budget.

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