All the Interesting Uses for Metal Print Photography That Are Changing the Game from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget.
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All the Interesting Uses for Metal Print Photography That Are Changing the Game

All the Interesting Uses for Metal Print Photography That Are Changing the Game from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget.

Are you in need of great wall art that is just a little different? The new HD metal print photography prints might be just the answer for your wall art needs. There is no need to pick a frame or mat color. No glass to worry about. They don’t fade and metal is a strong backing material. And, the subject matter is unlimited and yours to choose from. This is a contemporary style of art that will go with any décor needs.

Metal Print Styles

 Depending on your décor, you can choose different styles of high definition metal print. The HD metal prints are in bright clear colors like a color photograph. Then, there are classic silver metal prints and classic white metal prints. Each of these styles has a distinct look to consider. You can order them in popular sizes such as 8 x 8, 8 x 12, 12 x 18, 16 x 20, 16 x 24, 20 x 30, and 24 x 36 inches. This is an easy online ordering process. You browse the printing company website, find the print style and size you want, upload your photo, and place your order.

What Type of Artwork Can be Printed on Metal?

Get prints of black and white or colored photographs of your original artwork, photographs you take of nature, friends, and family, city views, interesting buildings or other subjects, weddings, parties, and more. It depends on what is important to you. What would you like to see on your wall? This is a kind of wall art you design as one-of-a-kind art for your home. You can have one large piece to use as custom backdrops or an attractive grouping of different sizes of photos. It does not have to be new photos either.

You can photograph old photos, documents, or other images you like and have them printed. Artists can photograph their original drawings and paintings and have prints made in any size they want. This makes it possible to paint with a material like a pastel, pencil, ink, or watercolor that would normally be framed under glass, or magic marker that might fade, and print them on metal to last longer without fading or damage.

A small drawing or painting can be printed on metal in a much larger size or any size a customer may request. Different size images can be printed in the same size to be hung in a group. The possibilities are almost endless.

But Why Metal Prints?

Metal photo prints are hung using a frameless floating style that is contemporary and clean. Metal prints are ready to hang right when they arrive, and they won’t break or fade because of the durable metal base and special inks used. These prints are also waterproof and scratch resistant. The image is infused into the aluminum sheet rather than floating on top of it.

The durability of these prints allows them to be hung in places such as bathrooms and kitchens. The image of photos on metal is very clear and true to the photograph downloaded to the printing company, so a bad photo will make a bad print. It is like the saying “garbage in garbage out.” So, make sure to send high-resolution, quality photographs. Metal prints can also be displayed out of doors.

What Happens After You Place an Order?

When the company receives your order, they print your artwork on the background you choose, it is then trimmed using the most modern equipment. It is then assembled by talented professionals and, finally, is packed and shipped to you.

Metal print photography is mounted on a special hanging system that is invisible and easy to use. Your artwork has a nice clean line and floats a ½ inch off the wall.

What is the Difference Between Metal Prints and Canvas Prints?

There are more types of products you can print photos on, such as canvas prints. The choice of metal or canvas prints depends on several factors.

Do you want a shiny finish or a matt finish? Canvas prints have a canvas texture like a painting, and they have a mat finish. Canvas prints use the Giclee method that uses HP Vivera latex inks. HP metal printing uses dye-sublimation on white Chromalux high-definition metal panels with EPSON inks. They are glossy in finish. A room with a lot of light may cause glare on gloss surfaces such as metal prints. Canvas prints with a mat finish do better in rooms with bright lighting.

Is your décor contemporary or industrial? These modern décor choices need modern wall art with sharp edges and no framing. HP metal prints have the perfect frameless floating look. More traditional design interiors may call for framed art or matt finishes. Canvas prints are very versatile and can be left unframed or framed with a wide variety of frames to coordinate with the décor style in a home.

Do you need a certain size print? HD metal prints come in a limited size range while canvas prints come in many more sizes. Though metal and canvas prints are close in price, the canvas prints are more affordable.

What Are Other Print Material Options?

You may want other print choices than metal or canvas. The choices include traditional mat or glossy poster prints, fine art prints that can be matted and framed under glass, peel-and-stick prints, wood prints, photo boards, acrylic prints and blocks, and more. The print quality is going to be very good on all the print product choices.

There are examples of each metal print photography products on printing websites to help customers choose correctly for their needs. Your budget and type of artwork to be printed will drive your product decision. A wall display can be built with different sizes of prints on a variety of print materials to add interest and depth.

A collection of different sizes of original art and photos can be printed on the same size product to add uniformity. For instance, a line of same-size metal print photography prints decorating a hallway or a collection of prints on one subject from different times and sources. The design advantages of having artwork and photographs printed alone or as a group is endless.

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