Apartment Essentials for Puppies from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Apartment Essentials for Puppies

Apartment Essentials for Puppies from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Dogs bring so much joy to the world. They always know how to bring a smile to my face when I need it the most. That’s why I recently decided to adopt a puppy. I was so overjoyed when I brought my little guy home. I wasn’t prepared, however, for how wild he would be in my apartment. Don’t repeat my mistakes—to prepare, buy these apartment essentials for puppies before you bring Fido home. Your landlord will thank you.

Crate and Crate Pad

Every new puppy owner should get a crate and a crate pad for their furry friend. I can’t tell you how excited my pup was the day I brought him home. He was running wild all over my place and jumping on the furniture. I was having a blast right along with him, but after a while, the noise got to be a bit much. One way to help calm my little guy down and keep him contained was to put him in a crate. Not only does the crate keep Fido confined, but it’s also a super convenient place to put him when I need to leave the apartment.

Cleaning Supplies

Y’all, I’m grateful that my apartment complex allows its tenants to have pets. However, there are certain rules that I must follow in order to keep my loyal companion by my side. For example, I can’t let my pup track mud throughout the place. I have to keep my place clean so I’m not charged an extra fee. That’s why cleaning supplies are an apartment essential for puppies. I have a little cleaning station set up right by my front door. That way, I can scrub Fido’s paws the minute we get in from a walk. If my furry friend is patient and lets me wipe his paws, I give him a special treat and tell him he’s a good boy.


Dogs who live in an apartment need the coolest toys possible. Puppies who live in a home have the luxury of a backyard. These animals can run around the yard and stretch out their legs when they need to release some energy. Sadly, my furry friend doesn’t have that option. The day I brought my pup home, I realized that he might get a little bored being stuck in my place most of the day. So, I did what I do best—online shopping! I bought Fido so many toys that now keep him occupied all day long. I just made sure not to buy too many loud objects, so I didn’t disturb the people downstairs.

Do you have any suggestions for apartment essentials for puppies?

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