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It’s difficult to walk down the street of any city or town across the world without encountering someone on their phone. Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years and between more widespread availability of Internet connections and more sophisticated technology in the form of smartphones and tablets, people have never been more connected. It’s an information age and we can use the Internet to look up information to assist us in just about any task.

Home improvement projects can vary in size and budget. A home improvement project can be as simple as creating a feature wall with some framed artwork or photographs. No matter what size the project is, it’s important to be mindful of budget and time deadlines. If it’s a large scale project, it’s also important to only work with credible contractors so be sure to get reviews and recommendations.

The guys from Senator Windows have put together this infographic below which outlines a number of apps for a smartphone/ tablet device which can assist the home improvement journey. The infographic is split into various sections of the home improvement process so you can pick and choose those suitable. Check it out below.

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