Arts and Crafts: Recycled Bottles


Making the most of the solar energy in the Philippines isn’t the only thing you can do to start saving the environment. If you’re aware of the 3Rs, reduce, reuse, recycle, you’ve probably done many of these things. There are many things you can do to your empty bottles of wine and soda. Here are some of the things to get you going on your next DIY project. Use the bottom of the bottles to paint flowers Dip the bottom of the bottle on paint, and press the bottle on the paper to leave a print of the bottom of the bottle on the paper that looks like a flower.


Halloween decorations

Use wine bottles for this one. Put candles in the mouths of the wine bottles to make creepy makeshift candelabras. Or if you’ve got clear wine bottles, relabel them with creepy things such as ‘arsenic’ and fill them with drinks for your Halloween party.


Vertical garden

Cut a square out of one side of the soda plastic bottle and fill with soil. Plant some greens in it and hang several of them on a wall on the outside of your home. You’ve got yourself a vertical garden!



Cut out the tops of several soda plastic bottles then heat them with a clothing iron. When the tops decrease in size, stop and let them cool. You can now use them to organize your office supplies, makeup, or even use them to organize your bathroom needs.



This is a project that will use wine bottles again. Cut the bottom half or the top half of the wine bottle, whichever you prefer. Use them to cover your terrariums and make them a little bit more fancy. If you don’t want to use wine bottles, you can use mason jars.


Coin purse

You can do this by making use of two bottoms of a liter-sized soda bottle. On the inside, glue a zipper properly. Or if you want to, you can sew it in with some nylon.


Halloween costumes

One example can be a jetpack. All you’ll need are two pieces of two-liter soda bottles. Paint them silver and stick them to a thick piece of cardboard. Attach two belts to the cardboard which will serve as holes for the arms. On the mouth of the bottle, stick some different shades of orange and red to serve as fire. You’ve got yourself a jetpack costume for Halloween, ready for trick or treating!


Home decorations

This will make use of wine bottles. Clean out some wine bottles, and slip some fairy lights or Christmas lights in it. Plug in the Christmas lights and viola, you have a year round, light up decoration for your house.


Sprinkler for your garden

If you don’t have a sprinkler system, here’s an easy one. Strap a bottle of soda to a hose. Make several holes on the bottom of the bottle, then turn on the water. The pressure will force the water out of the many holes you made at the bottom, and you’ve got a homemade sprinkler!

These are just some of the many things you can do to your unused bottles. Reuse them since it’s expensive to dispose of plastic and it’s harmful to the environment.


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