Avoid Looking Like The Little Guy With Your Business

Avoid Looking Like The Little Guy With Your Business

While you do have the opportunity to start a small business with ease, these days, and every chance of turning it into a great success, you do still have barriers to face, compared to those with a lot more capital to put into things from the get-go. The appearance of running a small business can set you back, unfortunately, so at times, it can help to change that appearance.

Avoid Looking Like The Little Guy With Your Business

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Let social media be your loudspeaker

Amplifying your signal and helping your business reach more can make it seem like a more established, popular, and safe bet for your customers. Thankfully, the online world makes this easier. Businesses with bigger budgets can out-advertise you, but you can see real brand growth through social media. What’s more, there are tools that you schedule posts throughout the day so that you can get them all out in the morning rather than having to be constantly glued to the screen 24/7.

Make your business reachable

A lot of small businesses run from home, co-working spaces, or others that are not ideal for welcoming your clients. However, having no address for your business can be detrimental to the sense of trust you want to build in your clients. You can give them some peace of mind and make your business look a little more established by giving it an address that’s in a commercial center, complete with online access to postal mailbox. This offers more brand impact for the business, while also ensuring a platform for your customers to be heard, which they will appreciate.

Work on your personal brand, too

Sometimes, the brand of the business can be dependent on what kind of personal brand that you’re able to bring to the table. If you have plenty of professional experience, charisma, or insight that you can lend to your business, then don’t be afraid to take the spotlight. Whether this is in sharing your thoughts online, attending networking events, or finding speaking opportunities, be it in person or on webinars, you can really benefit your business by having it associated with a name with a strong brand. 

It’s all about positioning

Of course, having a business that looks like “the little guy” is only detrimental in the event that you’re surrounded by larger competitors and you’re not able to frame it as an advantage. If you try to compare yourself to larger competitors, apples-to-apples, then you’re a lot less likely to come up looking like the better choice. If you can find the niche for your business, the one specialization, service, or target audience that you’re suited to more than your competitors, then you can have a much better chance of being compared favorably against them.

You don’t need to employ any kind of deceit or hide the nature of your business, but there is a real benefit to not volunteering the fact that yours is on the smaller side, as well. Consider the tips above if you’re concerned about how your business is perceived.

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