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Baby Bedding Company Liz and Roo Give Back to Local Community

The holiday season is all about helping others, participating in random acts of kindness and giving back to those in need. Luxury baby bedding company, Liz and Roo, are committed to giving back to the local community and have made major strides to make a difference in the job opportunities available.


In March 2016, Liz and Roo moved to an empty mill in Carlisle, Kentucky to expand its operations and meet its growing sew orders. The mill was previously used by Jockey, but closed in 2004, laying off roughly 200 people, in a town with a population of 2,000. As a result, many families were left without an income.

So far Liz and Roo has been able to hire over 8 people and is in the process of hiring additional employees. Caroline Eager, a nursery-decorating expert, and creator of the luxury line, Liz and Roo, is thrilled to be able to give back to Carlisle and provide economic growth to the town.

“My dream from day one was to manufacture locally,” Eager said. The company hopes to continue to expand its business and offer more economic opportunities for the people in Carlisle.

Liz and Roo was an early adopter and strong advocate of baby nursery safety, reinforcing the American Pediatric Society advice, “bare is best.” One of the first baby-bedding companies to create innovative crib rail covers, Liz and Roo designs and manufactures a deluxe collection of crib bedding and crib rail covers that allow air flow, prevents infants from ingesting crib wood, and protects the crib from teething marks.


“In designing our bedding line, safety always comes first. Our crib rail cover meets that requirement,” explains Caroline. “I am working round the clock to educate parents in bedding safety while offering them modern, stylish options”.
Liz and Roo’s products are sewn one-by-one by a team dedicated to quality craftsmanship. The company’s crib rail covers and sheets add sophistication to the nursery and allow parents to feel confident in the health and well-being of their bundle of joy.


In 2013, Caroline Eager and Carol Ann Anderson founded Liz and Roo Fine Baby Bedding with a vision for creating a modern, sophisticated made-in-USA baby line that emphasized safety, quality workmanship, and style. Their wide assortment of modern crib bedding designs are made by sewing artisans in North Carolina and Kentucky. Local manufacturing is of utmost importance to the brand, as it enables them to closely oversee the design process and to ensure the highest quality workmanship at every step of the process. See more about Liz and Roo’s history here.


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