Bad Breath In The Office

Most people these days spend more time with their work colleagues that with their friends, and workplace satisfaction is a large part of our overall happiness. Unfortunately, working in an open plan office or having close contact with people at work can mean you get to know them, up close and personal, and become familiar with all of their habits, routines, and their general presentation. Bad breath (also known as halitosis) is not only unpleasant for those around you, but is a sign of overall oral, and sometimes general, health.

Having a conversation with a colleague about their bad breath has the potential to be very awkward, and could cause unwanted tension at work. If you don’t feel comfortable approaching a workmate about this, why not email our handy infographic titled, ‘Bad Breath In The Office’, as a subtle reminder to staff to stay healthy and aware of how their health may be impacting others in the workplace.

The infographic may also be a reminder for you too, particularly when it comes to avoiding certain foods at work, always having some gum (or even a toothbrush) handy, and having regular dental appointments scheduled. 

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