Bad Hair Day Problem Solved

Happy Fourth everyone!! Just like everyone else today we spent it with friends and family at a cookout. Of course, today would be the day that I was having a bad hair day. No matter how much I straighten it or put Moroccan oil on it, it just would not do what I wanted it to do. Ever have days like this where you have someplace to go and you want to look good but your hair won’t cooperate. For the most part I have a very simple hair style, a stacked bob. But because my hair is so thick when it starts to grow out it tends to just have a mind of it’s own. Just like today, no matter what I did there was no way that I was getting it to do what I wanted. I was about to to just pull it up in a half ponytail until I tried a headband. A regular headband didn’t look right. So then I decided to try something different.

I have a couple of shirts that have silk ties ( they are almost like a belt) to them so I decided to try wrapping the ties around my hair like a headband. First I tried the black one and tried to tie it in a bow. But that just looked stupid, in fact it made me look stupid and no I won’t post a picture of that. I tried pulling the bow around to the back of my hair but is slide right off. Plus the black one blended into my hair.

champagne hair
So then I tried the white one. This time I laid the white tie across the top of my hair and bought it around my ears and tied it in the back. Once I got it tied, I then moved it over so that the tie was on the side. I then took the extra and let it hang over my shoulder. I loved the way that it looked. Using the items I had on hand, I got a great style that I plan to repeat even on days that aren’t bad hair days.

So when looking for hair accessories look in your closet you might find some unique pieces that can have dual purposes. Just like I did with a simple tie from my shirt.

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  1. What a nice idea, and you did not have to spend any money – you used what you had! Love it!

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