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paper trax

Paper Trax is a completely recyclable, all paper-based race track created to race cars on Trax attached to your walls! The newest addition to the Paper Trax collection that you’ll want is the Paper Trax Speedway Edition!

Now your kids can race their cars on the Paper Trax International Speedway like the professionals! All you do is pop open the box, fold the Trax and stick them to the wall with a removable adhesive tape (Command Strips) and your kids will be entertained for hours on the Trax they create!

paper trax nascar

And to introduce the new Speedway Edition, NASCAR invited Paper Trax to set up a booth at the Richmond International Speedway on September 10th! Fans were able to bond with their kids by sharing their passion for racing while they played!

Paper Trax just received Dr. Toy’s Green Toy Award giving it’s the perfect gift for your kids! Their goal is to transform every box destined for the recycle bin into a toy race track!

Be sure to get your BRAND NEW Paper Trax Speedway Edition today!

About Paper Trax:

A U.S. Coast Guard family developed Paper Trax for their son when he was only 18 months. He needed a race track for his newly found matchbox cars, and his dad grabbed a cereal box and transformed it into the original speedway for your walls!

To learn more about Paper Trax please visit here.

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