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The Broke Person’s Guide to Decorating

You want to update your home but you have hardly any money? No problem. With a bit of imagination and little money, you can add instant style to any place. It may seem impossible to decorate an interior without ending up looking cheap, but you can still make the most of your place even with a limited or non-existent budget. Even a thorough house cleaning can transform your place. The key is to work with you already have and to know what you want to achieve. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

The Broke Person's Guide to Decorating2

Improve your layout

Changing the layout of the room can really optimize the room’s flow and feeling. If you think that something is not quite right with your place, you should consider improving your floor plan. Can you pass easily from one to another or awkwardly positioned pieces make it difficult for you? Move some of the furnishings to create more space. Pick a focal point such a big picture or a fireplace and arrange your setting around it.

The Broke Person's Guide to Decorating3

Clean it

Don’t let the clutter and the chaos turn the look of your home. Sometimes s simple thing like domestic cleaning can dramatically transform your interior. Organize your belongings and get rid of the unnecessary. If you stumble on items that you no longer use or need, think how you can repurpose the. For example on an old tray can double-duty as an accessory and a place to keep your bits and bobs.  Dedicate the weekend to cleaning your place and putting everything in order.

The Broke Person's Guide to Decorating

Work with what you got

The last thing you want is to blow your tiny budget on something that it’s not worth it. Before you start purchasing new stuff, take a look at what you already have and use it. A splash of paint works miracles for outdated or slightly damaged furniture. It can also help create more coherent appeal by using similar stain to make furnishing pieces match better, for example.

Embrace your artistic side

Save some money and create your own piece of art. Go online for some inspiration. From painting canvases to hanging plates on the wall, you have endless possibilities. Whether it is a print or a painting, you can unleash your creativity. Think of an inexpensive alternative to framing if you plan to use one.

Add some plant life

Plants work well in every setup and will bring a fresh tinge into your decor. Plus, they are pretty good at cleaning the indoors air. Even if you are not very passionate about gardening, you can pick some low-maintenance greenery, such as succulents. Ask friends to give you cuttings from their amazing plants. The other option is to grow greenery from seeds. Go creative with the display of your plants – hang them or arrange them in clusters to compensate for the lack of big greenery.

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  1. Great home decorating ideas. To make our home more organized, clean, functional and beautiful, we should organize our belongings and remove unnecessary things.

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