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Candy Makes Everything Better

Today is my birthday. To say that I am blessed would be an overstatement. This year has been a rough year so far but thank goodness today has been good. It was made better by the creativity of my daughters and husband. They took a simple bouquet that you can get at Walmart and gave it their special touch with just a little bit of time but what a stunning display it made. Plus I felt so special that I didn’t just get an ordinary thing of flowers.

How did they make the bouquet special, you ask? They simply got hot glue, skewers and some of my favorite kinds of candy to add their own special touch of love. It is really quite easy to do and I looked at the flowers and had a why didn’t I ever think of doing that moment. Ever had one of those moments, where something is so easy to do you wonder why you didn’t think of it to begin with.

Champagne candy bouquet

Here are the steps that my daughters used to make this fabulous bouquet. They went to the store and bought assorted candy bars. I know they bought a lot of these at the dollar store, the kind of candy you use will depend on where you shop at. They then took hot glue and glued the candy onto the wooden skewers. Then they placed them in and among the flowers that they bought at Walmart. This created quite a stunning display. It made me feel so loved.

So you see going that extra mile and putting that little extra effort in your gift will make the person you are giving the gift to feel so special. So you see candy does make everything better.

Sending You Champagne Dreams

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