The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Patchwork Patterns

Undoubtedly patchwork quilting work is the most relaxing activity. It is proven to be one of the stress-busters that anyone can try his or her hand at. There are people who find creative ways to come up with the patchwork patterns. Furthermore, they use them innovatively for a myriad of purposes. Right from quilts to capes and decorative patterns, you will find that patchworks are seen in several households these days. If you are planning to cultivate it as a hobby, you need to set your base right.

How to Marble Paper

Marble lovers, rest easy: the marble trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. From event decor like marbled wedding cakes to home decor like stylish desk stationary, marble is everywhere! This minimal yet sophisticated design is a luxurious look, for any occasion. Luckily this stylish look can be achieved on a low budget and it’s not hard to make on your own. The nature of marble is random and natural, so it's a breeze to recreate. Even the least experienced DIYer can give

Different Ways to Reuse Your Old Hardwood Flooring

While hardwood floors are an adored addition to any home, there comes a time when your home needs a new floor. The planks of hardwood flooring you remove will still be in good condition, so don't throw them out. Instead, try converting those hardwood floor planks into something new and unique to your home. Wall Cladding When you spend day after day sitting in the same room with the same walls, it can become rather boring. Some might even call it maddening. If you find yourself in this type

Adorable DIY Doormats You Can Make Today

Having a welcoming doormat is a great way to make a good first impression when guests come to visit, but some of the ones on the market right now are boring… and expensive. What if you could make your own, with whatever theme you want? Well, you can! It’s actually really easy and fun. Simply Self Storage put together this tutorial complete with 11 printable stencils to get you started in making your own DIY doormat. Their options range from the traditional “Live Love Laugh” to more

DIY Guide to Installing Crown Moldings

Sometimes, the “small details” are the ones that really make space come to life. Indoors, adding something as simple as crown molding can enhance the looks of many spaces throughout your home. If you’re the type of person who prefers to take the DIY approach, this guide will help. Just follow these tips and you’ll be installing crown molding like a pro. This guide teaches you how to install crown molding in a typical four-wall room. Keep in mind, you may need to modify some steps
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