Adorable DIY Doormats You Can Make Today

Having a welcoming doormat is a great way to make a good first impression when guests come to visit, but some of the ones on the market right now are boring… and expensive. What if you could make your own, with whatever theme you want? Well, you can! It’s actually really easy and fun. Simply Self Storage put together this tutorial complete with 11 printable stencils to get you started in making your own DIY doormat. Their options range from the traditional “Live Love Laugh” to more

DIY Guide to Installing Crown Moldings

Sometimes, the “small details” are the ones that really make space come to life. Indoors, adding something as simple as crown molding can enhance the looks of many spaces throughout your home. If you’re the type of person who prefers to take the DIY approach, this guide will help. Just follow these tips and you’ll be installing crown molding like a pro. This guide teaches you how to install crown molding in a typical four-wall room. Keep in mind, you may need to modify some steps

All About P&N Spade Bits And A Few Tips to Use Them

P&N spade bits are generally used for making holes in objects made of wood and also used for drilling and boring in wood. Use of these bits tends to produce splintering as they emerge from a piece of work they are applied on. Woodworkers try to avoid such splintering by finishing off the hole and smoothing it out from the opposite side of the wood piece. Spade bits are generally flat in shape with a centering piece and two sharp cutters. Sometimes these cutters are additionally equipped with

Ever Heard of Ceramic Repair

It can be absolutely devastating breaking your favorite ceramic dish or vase, especially if it was vintage or a family heirloom. But before you throw out your dish, look to kintsugi, a centuries-old Japanese art of repairing broken dishes with gold. While of course you likely won't use real gold, the thought behind kintsugi is to transform something broken and appreciate it for its new beauty as a broken object. The cracks are filled with the gold to acknowledge this beauty and transform the

4 DIY Woodworking Projects to do with Your Children

Woodworking is a great and wholesome hobby that you can get into with your children. This hobby can help teach kids how to work with their hands while also encouraging problem solving and creativity. Kids can begin helping at an early age with easy and adult supervised DIY projects. Even if they are too young to work with tools, have your kids help paint the wood with stain or a finish. Try out these four DIY easy projects to jumpstart you and your kids into woodworking. Address Sign Creating

How To Build A Pillow Fort

In a world of technology and TV, children should always be encouraged to spend some time away from the screens and use their imagination to create their own fun. But every parent knows it can be hard to keep children constantly entertained without buying expensive toys, and to think of inexpensive activities is often a tricky challenge. Thankfully, a great way to spend a rainy day at any time of year is by building a pillow fort. This is one of life’s great pleasures, a great bonding activity
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