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5 Educational Games for Kids That Create Leaders

  Games aren’t just fun to play. They can also help to develop and build critical skills within children, such as leadership.     There has been much debate about whether leadership is an intrinsic quality or whether it’s something that’s developed as a result of outside influences. So far, no verdict has been reached, but what experts do agree on is that chances to experience leadership provide children with the best possible opportunity to develop skills of their

3 Ways to Protect Your Child Online

  Let’s face it: Kids are using technology at earlier ages than ever before. It can be difficult to distinguish what to shelter your children from as they are learning, growing, and becoming increasingly independent with age. When your children begin using technology, whether it is during school or at your discretion, it is important to have conversations about what is to be expected for Internet use. Though these talks may not resolve every tech-related issue parents face when it comes

Important Information About Car Seat Safety

Car seat safety is a hugely important subject, with car accidents being the number one killer of children between 1-14 years old. But we still find that 75% of people are not following guidelines correctly. This car seat safety infographic from Parenting Pod was created by a certified child passenger safety technician to explain simply how car seats work and why you need to install them in line with expert opinion to prevent and minimize injuries to your children. How do we protect against

Five Mom-Hacks for Choosing Stress-Free Kids’ Movies

Want movies that actually help your child relax? These five elements are key. When your child needs downtime, it’s tempting to pop in a video. But what if he or she gets wound up or stressed out watching “kid-friendly” shows? When it comes to choosing children’s movies that will help your kids deeply relax and de-stress, five elements are key, according to Dr. Steve Koc, an Oregon chiropractor, sound therapist, and filmmaker. “Nature, music, humor, peace, and pacing are the five keys,”

How to raise a bilingual kid

In today’s globalized world, one of the most important skills for kids’ to learn is foreign languages. But mastering a foreign language is hard and even though some kids might have a natural affiliation for learning languages, it is important they continue learning after early childhood. In several countries around the world, children are routinely taught to be bilingual in their native language and English, so this idea is not so innovative outside of English-speaking countries. Enroll

Your Child’s Brain on Brain Foods

Let’s talk about your workday for a minute.  How does that connect with your child’s brain, you ask? Great question! We’ll get to that. We’ve all experienced it before. You start the day off motivated and ready for action, but the energy dwindles a little until lunchtime—finally, a break! You scarf down lunch expecting a reboot, but it’s quite the opposite. By early afternoon you’re crashing. Your focus is off, your memory is shot, your eyelids begin to droop… That
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