Learning from the Best: 8 Personality Traits of People Who Have a Firm Grip on Their Finances

Our finances, directly and indirectly, dictate many things: our credit score, whether or not we can take a vacation after the bills are paid, what kind of home or vehicle we can afford, if we can qualify for a loan, the list goes on and on. Whether we like it or not, money rules our lives. The sad truth is, 72 percent of Americans report being recently stressed by their finances. A whopping 22 percent claim they have dealt with extreme stress in the past month. In fact, money is a more common

How to turn errands with your child into a budgeting lesson (and still keep your sanity)

There’s not a parent alive who doesn’t dread bringing their children with them when running to the store. In fact, I’m surprised that grocery stores don’t offer a childcare service for parents – I’d be willing to forego half of my grocery budget to pay for that. I have a six-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy; rarely is there a shopping trip with them where one of us doesn’t leave in tears. A way to make shopping trips with the kids less painful while also teaching them important

Resting Up: 4 Ways to Take a Short Vacation Even if You’re Knee Deep in Debt

Everyone carrying a sizeable debt burden tells a similar story: it is so much easier to get into debt than get out of it. Having to make large debt payments each month leaves you with limited savings. Without savings, taking a short vacation each year to recharge the batteries and catch some sun becomes almost impossible. Here are four strategies for reducing your monthly repayments, so you can put some money aside each month for a short family getaway this summer. Consolidate Your Debt One

Investments for Every Stage of Life

You will experience many changes every time you reach a certain point in your life. In every stage, your attitude, goals, priorities, income, expenses, spending habits, and savings may shift—that’s why you need to learn which investment vehicle suits the life stage you’re in. Building Your Wealth The first stage is ideally the period wherein you begin working to earn an income, whether it’s through the workforce or by starting a business or a sideline. Since you’re still very

Why Pregnancy Is The Perfect Time To Get Your Finances In Order

It costs an average of $10,808 to have a baby in America, according to statistics from Business Insider. However, this figure can rocket to $30,000 once prenatal and postnatal care is taken into consideration. With such high costs to pay out for, it’s essential that you utilize the nine months of your pregnancy and plan your finances meticulously. Not only will this give you the best start as a new mom, but it will benefit your family in the long run, too. Save a little extra each month America
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