Feel the Heat: 10 Potentially Hazardous Summer Hotspots for Pets

Summer is upon us, which means traveling, outdoor activities and fun in the sun for pet parents and their furry family members. But according to Petplan pet insurance, the season can also bring a sharp uptick in pet illness and injury claims. “Having your furry family members tag along on summer vacation is becoming more popular with pet owners, but it also adds an extra level of responsibility,” says Dr. Jennifer Maniet, DVM. “Just be sure to prioritize your pets’ needs when making

Taking Fido Along: Essentials for Camping with Your Dog

One of the great perks of camping trips is that you don’t need to leave your furry friends behind! As you’re planning your camping vacation, remember to consider the essentials for traveling with a pet, like what to pack, to where to stay and how you’ll get there. Following are some helpful tips arranged by Thousand Trails for making your next getaway with your four-legged friends easier than ever Food and Water Just like at home, your pup needs all the regular essentials to

Common Puppy Health Problems

Just like children, puppies also have an entire set of conditions of their own that you need to be aware of. By taking your little one to the vet, you will save yourself from many concerns, but there are still some that can occur after a while, and being aware of them is quite useful. Kennel cough Both bacterial infections and canine parainfluenza viruses are airborne and cause kennel cough, which is also known as infectious tracheobronchitis. This disease starts with lethargy, fever, and

How to Protect Your Pets Before, During and After the Storm

Hurricane season is here and we can expect severe weather in the coming months. Often overlooked when families are prepping for stormy weather are their pets. During Hurricane Katrina, more than 100,000 pets were left behind when their owners evacuated New Orleans. President George W. Bush signed the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act in 2006 requiring state and local municipalities to include pets and service animals in their preparedness plans. However, during last year’s

Six Tips To Keep Pets Safe During Storm Season

While no one is immune from the devastation of a natural disaster, preparing before a storm hits is key to keeping everyone in your family—including your pets—safe. Here are six ideas to keep in mind for your pet as you map out your disaster preparedness plan. • Have your pet microchipped. In the event of an emergency—natural or otherwise—you want to ensure your pet can get back to you if you’re separated. Collars and ID tags, though important, can break or detach. Microchips—computerized

Pet Prep for Natural Disasters

June marks National Pet Preparedness Month. Hurricanes, earthquakes, extreme heat and unexpected weather patterns bring unique risks to our four-legged family members. So, how can pet parents keep their furry family members safe? Healthy Paws Pet Insurance - the #1 customer-rated provider of insurance for dogs and cats –shares natural disaster checklist for pet parents. Pet Parent Checklist for Natural Disasters Have the proper ID: Pets should be microchipped
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