Safety Tips for Dog Walkers

In this day and age, one can't be too careful when taking on the big outdoors. Here are some safety tips for dog walkers.  Refresh on the basics. It’s important to follow basic safety tips when going out for a walk with your dog. Always wearing reflective or bright colored gear, avoid going for walks during early morning and late evening hours and staying in well-lit areas that are near houses or stores in case you need to yell for help can all help assist in keeping you safe. Keep

How To Get Your Dog To Listen And Learn

Is your dog giving you a hard time? Is it refusing to behave and listen to you? If yes, then we have just the solution for you. You might feel sad seeing other dog owners and their obedient pets and thinking what the secret is. But, let me put it out though, it’s really not that big a deal. We have listed 10 simple tips and tricks that can make your dog listen to you and learn good behavior at the same time. Praise your Doggo Dogs observe. They’re quick learners who pick

7 Things to Think About Before Getting a Pet as a Christmas Present

  Is your child begging you for a pet? Is your significant other forwarding too many videos of cute animals with the message “Want”? What can be a better way to surprise them than with a puppy under the Christmas tree? Here are a few things to consider, the last point being the most important. Major Responsibility Pets are a huge responsibility is a fact that goes without saying. Children tend to lose interest in their Christmas presents quite swiftly. With a pet, you cannot

Essential Guide to Your Dog’s Ideal Diet

All dog owners are well aware that a dog’s diet is no easy feat. You need to know how much to feed your dog, what to feed it and in what proportions each type of food should be given. The food our dogs eat will have an impact on their fitness and well-being, as well as their mood. So it’s only normal to want the healthiest and yummiest possible option for our beloved pup. But what do dogs really need in their diet? And how do we pick the best dog food? If these are the questions

Know the Secret on Easy to Get Healthy Dog Treats

We often make a mistake where we feel that human treats will be fit for dogs as well. This is a very highly erroneous concept and is an idea that can make the dog quite sick. The ideal way to snack your dog is by consulting the vet and then looking for perfectly healthy dog treats that will be beneficial for the health of your beloved pet. Let us look at some of the healthy dog treats that can be given to dogs between their meal times as appreciation of their good behavior. Home-made Healthy
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