10 Dog Breeds With the Most Joint Problems

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” -Anatole France Human beings are affectionate to animals and when it comes to loving their pets; they are no less than a member of the family. Pet owners often find it hard to see their innocent pets suffer who are unable to express their pain. One of the common problems that dog owners face is to see their pets fight against joint problem issues. Yes, arthritis is a common problem among dogs and there are some

Food Trends in People – Are They Right For Our Dogs, Too?

There are some increasingly popular food trends in the human world right now that all target our desire to be healthier, thinner, and let’s face it…prettier.  And while we know our pups can’t get any more gorgeous, healthier (and possibly thinner) is our greatest wish for our canine friends. And feeding foods them foods like FreshPet and adding these extra items to their diets will make even stronger.  Avocado - Perhaps the trendiest of ALL people foods right now, this yummy

Safety Tips for Dog Walkers

In December, a woman was assaulted while walking her dog in Durham, North Carolina and was later found lying near a wooded area. Even in the presence of a dog, an assailant might think this is a perfect opportunity to attack because you most likely feel safe with your loyal friend by your side and may be too distracted to notice the danger that lurks behind you. Below are some tips from Krav Maga Worldwide, a global leader in defense training, on basic self-defense knowledge to know if you find

How Pets Help Reduce Stress

Puppies, a word that can bring a smile to even those that are hardest to crack. In celebration of National Puppy Day (March 23rd) let's learn how puppies and pets can reduce stress. Some studies show that people begin to feel less anxious after spending less than an hour with an animal. There are endless benefits from lowering your stress level and while the things that we find stressful in our lives are often hard to eliminate, adding an animal to your life can help. General Benefits:

The Best Tips on Finding a Qualified and Professional Pet Sitter

Even though we all want to take our furry family members wherever we go, sometimes that simply isn’t possible. And finding someone responsible and professional to take care of them while we are not around is a much more preferable option than putting them in some boarding facility. However, even finding someone responsible and professional enough is not an easy task, so make sure you follow these tips to ensure you are leaving your furry friend in good hands.   Ask the Vet Whoever

Everything You Need to Know About Heartworms in Dogs

Heartworms are a type of parasitic organism that lives inside the heart and lung arteries of cats and dogs and grows by feeding on the surrounding blood. It’s an easily preventable, yet very costly and difficult disease to treat. In some severe cases, the parasite can grow to around 30cm long and around 2cm thick, with a population of more than 200 individuals. Heartworms offspring are also known as Microfilariae and can be found throughout the infected pet’s blood. How does it spread? Heartworm
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