Make Your Own Bespoke Jewelry Pieces For A Fraction Of The Price

Women in America are buying more of their own jewelry, with jewelry ranking high in terms of yearly fashion expenditure. Fine jewelry can be out of the question for those saving for a home, car, or other big expense. If you want to be the most fashionable person at the party without breaking your budget, why not make your own pieces, taking inspiration from creative online designers and sourcing affordable materials online? Repurposing existing pieces If you have a simple yellow,

Perfect Summer Spirit with Classy and Comfortable Fashion Lingerie

Summer, the season of colors, trends, short, long and flowy dresses along with complementing luxury bras and panties, is here. This season gives you the freedom to flaunt your fashion style with colorful and splendid lingerie sets. But in summers, the sun is hot and fierce so ladies always prefer to wear comfortable, breathable and stylish fashion lingerie to enhance your looks and kick all worries of sweat stains. Summer dresses are most revealing so choose your lingerie carefully and according

The Perfect Plant For You According To Your Zodiac

Houseplants are stylish pieces of decor to add to your home if you’re looking for a beautiful and natural addition to any space. Plants with fuller leaves, like philodendrons, nicely fill in empty corners of the room while smaller plants, like dracaenas, can pair nicely with your collection of books or trinkets hanging on a shelf. Plants also purify the air to help us breathe easier and to filter out harmful toxins from the air, so they’re beneficial to us in many ways! Now that we know

How to Develop Your Sense of Worth in a Beauty-Obsessed Culture

In an era where social media and the celebrity culture are really dominating the scene, the pressures to fit into the traditional beauty mold is at an all-time high. We’re being bombarded with images and videos of all kinds from the media and advertisers from the beauty and fashion industry who are relentless about selling airbrushed perfection and shallow ideals of beauty. For this reason, it’s become very challenging for the modern day girl and woman to ignore the unrealistic standards

The Color Schemes of 8 TV Living Rooms

Whether they portray the height of sophistication or the make-do-and-mend of the low-rent low-maintenance 20-something co-hab, TV living rooms always have something attractive about them. Of course, it helps they’re usually somewhat larger than their real-life equivalent would be, so as to leave space for good camera angles on all the action. But mostly this appeal can be attributed to the vision of the set designer, who is charged with creating a bold, unified look that is easy on the

The Current State Of Online vs Offline Shopping

Although for many retailers the growth of e-commerce is mainly a positive thing, for others it means a lot more work with not a huge amount gained. There is so much competition out there that some industries feel as though creating an online store is not worth the funds and time required. As you can see in the infographic below, presented by, if you compare the money made from both the online and offline stores of some of the biggest brands in the US, the gains from online retail
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