T Shirt Makeover for Less

Yesterday we attended a Railhawks game. If you are a fan of my other blog Adventures of Frugal Mom, then you know what big soccer fans we are. This year we were able to save up and buy season tickets. Being that the games are held outdoor and we live in North Carolina it gets hot. Just because I am sweating doesn't mean I can't be stylish doing it. I have been looking for cute clothes to wear to the games. I mean I don't want to wear the same clothes all the time. So today I decided on something

Bad Hair Day Problem Solved

Happy Fourth everyone!! Just like everyone else today we spent it with friends and family at a cookout. Of course, today would be the day that I was having a bad hair day. No matter how much I straighten it or put Moroccan oil on it, it just would not do what I wanted it to do. Ever have days like this where you have someplace to go and you want to look good but your hair won't cooperate. For the most part I have a very simple hair style, a stacked bob. But because my hair is so thick when it starts

Storing Your Jewelry in Style

Do you have a lot of jewelry? Well, I am going to show you a stylish champagne way to showcase that jewelry so you never have to go hunting again. This piece can be made for less than nothing and with a little effort on your part, you will have a stunning place to showcase your jewelry. Here is what you will need. Scrap wood Chicken Wire Spray Paint Staple gun Tulle Paper clips or safety pins I made this for just the cost of the spray paint which I used on other projects

Champagne Taste While Traveling

The other day we traveled to South of The Border, which is about two hours away from where we live. You can read about our adventure here. Since we were going to travel 2 hours there and 2 hours back in one day, I wanted to be comfortable but being comfortable doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice style.Remember you can still have champagne taste on a bare budget. On this particular day, I decided to wear a blue zigzag print maxi dress that I bought from Zulily. If you are unfamiliar with this

Wine Tasting With Style

As I mentioned in my welcome post, not only was I going to let you in on all those tips for design, parties, and style but also cool places that you can go on a bare budget. So this is a post about a cool place on a bare budget. Go wine tasting, even if you don't particularly like wine you can go along and just taste a sip or two. They even have non-alcoholic alternatives. Most of the time wine tasting costs between $5-$10 per person, but the amount of enjoyment and relaxation you get is priceless.

Have You Ever Wondered?

I love to look through  magazines. I love to see the latest style and fashions. Now some of them I would not even dare to try but there are some that I immediately fall in love with. But sometimes my champagne style does not match up to my bare budget. If you are like me than this blog is for you. I will show you how you can make that champagne style come true on a bare budget. It may require a little hard work, sweat equity and some good old fashioned elbow grease but in the long run it will
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