Top Destinations to Travel to in 2019

There are lots of amazing places to travel to worldwide, so if you are on a limited time schedule and don’t have an endless budget at your disposal, you have to be a little bit pickier about where you decide to spend your time. Each city around the world has something completely unique and original to offer, so it is important that you pick a place tailored to your individual needs. If you are wondering what the best destinations to travel to would be for this year, then here are eight

Wanderlust Quotes To Inspire Adventure

Literary legends, iconic travelers and educated globetrotters have been the primary source of travel inspiration for centuries. Before there were clever hashtags and colorful Instagram feeds to inspire wanderlust, there were books and memoirs. Some of which, have offered the greatest adventure advice of all time.

While books offer some brilliant inspiration, sometimes you don’t feel like committing to a long read just to feel inspired to set out and explore this great world of ours, so why

On a Road Trip – Should You Rent or Drive Your Own Car?

Whether you’re preparing for a month-long exploration of a new destination or you simply want to go see your family for the holidays, a road trip can be one of the most rewarding ways to tackle the journey and have some fun! However, now that you’ve prepared your itinerary, you know what you’ll pack and the budget you have at your disposal, how on Earth can you know if it makes more sense for your budget to book a rental vehicle or take your own on the road?

Let’s simplify this decision

5 Ways to Experience the Best Australia Has to Offer on a Budget


To say that life in the great Land Down Under is a bit taxing on the budget would be a grand understatement. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t amazing work and travel or scholarship opportunities out there that can grant you a lengthy stay in Australia and allow you the opportunity to revel in all its urban and natural glory on the cheap.

Being one of the most enthralling countries in the world, Australia is a place you need to visit at least once in a lifetime. And

How to Pack Like an Experienced Travel Blogger

You don’t have to be a travel blogger to appreciate their ingenious ability to pack and bring exactly the right things on their trip to make the whole experience smooth, comfy and pleasurable. So, brush up on your packing skills with this little guide that will teach you how to pack like a true travel blogger.

First things first
Get a good backpack! This is an absolute must because you’ll not have a good time dragging your suitcase around or struggling with an uncomfortable backpack. Check

5 Helpful Bicycle Accident Tips to Follow If You Ever Get Hit by A Negligent Driver

If you’re out riding your bike one day and a negligent driver suddenly strikes you, an idyllic experience can suddenly turn into a nightmare. You would hope that a driver who hit a cyclist would behave like a responsible member of society and make reparations if they were to blame, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. Here's what to do if you’re involved in this unfortunate situation.
Remain at the Scene
Just as is the case when two cars collide, you need to stay at the scene until the

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