Celebrate National Roller Coaster Day at Busch Gardens® Williamsburg

National Roller Coaster Day is Tuesday, Aug. 16. Take a ride and enjoy the dizzying highs and lows on six world-class coasters at Busch Gardens® Williamsburg, where fun is always in season.

Each coaster provides a unique thrill that leaves riders craving more. Visit the park and have a good time on all of these epic coasters:


Tempesto™ ­– Busch Gardens’ newest roller coaster features three launch experiences and a signature loop-the-loop. Riders race into unbelievably tight turns at 63 miles per hour and defy gravity as they roll through a complete inversion 154 feet in the air.

Loch Ness Monster® –A guest favorite, this classic interlocking, double-looping roller coaster gives guests a peek at Scotland’s most infamous serpent “Nessie.” The steel coaster hurls passengers as fast as 60 mph along 3,240 feet of track into the air, over water, and through a dark cave.

Apollo’s Chariot®  Ranked as one of the top 10 steel coasters in the world, this high-speed hyper coaster positions guests in elevated seats to create a “free-flight” sensation while reaching speeds of 73 mph. The ride’s initial drop plunges guests more than 210 feet.

Alpengeist® –A snow monster notorious for once stalking the French and German Alps, Alpengeist is rumored to be lurking in the shadows of Busch Gardens’ Germany. Riders experience six inversion elements, including the Immelmann, 106-foot vertical loop, cobra roll, flat spin, and high-speed spiral at speeds up to 67 mph.

Verbolten® –Busch Gardens’ multi-launch, indoor/outdoor roller coaster sends guests on an autobahn-inspired family adventure through the Black Forest. Themed elements, sound and light effects, high-speed turns and an 88-foot final drop to the water at speeds up to 53 mph make this a great family thrill ride.

Griffon®  Busch Gardens® defined a whole new generation of roller coasters with the addition of Griffon, one of the world’s tallest floorless dive coasters. The park’s steel marvel plunges thrill-seekers 205 feet, 90 degrees straight down at 75 mph. A second drop of 130 feet and a water feature keep the thrills coming.


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