Champagne Taste While Traveling
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Champagne Taste While Traveling

The other day we traveled to South of The Border, which is about two hours away from where we live. You can read about our adventure here. Since we were going to travel 2 hours there and 2 hours back in one day, I wanted to be comfortable but being comfortable doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style.Remember you can still have champagne taste on a bare budget.

Champagne Taste While Traveling

On this particular day, I decided to wear a blue zigzag print maxi dress that I bought from Zulily. If you are unfamiliar with this site, it is an awesome place to get great bargains. Now sometimes some of their sales can be a little pricey but if you willing to wait a while and be patient you can score a dress just like mine for $7.49. Now that is what I call champagne style on a bare budget. I love Zulily; the only thing is that their shipping is a little slow so if you are looking for something for a special occasion, order, at least, a month out. But I will have to say that I love everything I have gotten from Zulily, and I have always received compliments about the clothes I get from there.

Champagne Taste While Traveling

I paired the blue zigzag print dress with a bright yellow bib necklace that I ordered from Amazon for $1.15. I loved this necklace and plan on wearing it a lot.

Taking the clue from the yellow bib necklace, I then went through my purses and found this bright yellow tote that I had won in a contest. It was the perfect bag for a long road trip. So I was able to create a champagne style for under $10.00. Now, do you see what I mean about you can have champagne style on a bare budget? Here is a picture of two of my girls and me.

Champagne Taste While Traveling


Sending You Champagne Dreams

13 Comments on “Champagne Taste While Traveling

  1. I love the selection you choose and loved how you kept it simple and giving validity tot he point that less in more! You look comfortable yet dressy. You have great taste.

  2. Wow…the dress and accessories look amazing! No one would guess it was under $10.00. I have heard lots about Zulily, but have never actually checked their site. You have inspired me, I’m heading there now…credit card in hand…lol!

  3. I love that dress! The pop of contrast color from the necklace and bag are perfect!

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