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Champagne style bare budget is not always about being cheap it can mean that you pay a little more but for quality product. I have been privileged enough to know this young lady who posted this status on her Facebook post. I asked her if I can use it as a guest post and she said sure. She also guest posts on Adventures of Frugal Mom. She has a post about how her brother changed since going into the Air Force. You may want to check it out. But now read her guest post status here.

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Hey, guys! After much consideration and thought, I have decided to become a Mary Kay Consultant. Now, I know what y’all may be thinking: “Hah, she’ll grow out of this” or “What the heck is she thinking? She’ll be selling makeup!” And that’s perfectly okay. I get it. But let me just tell you a few things about my decision, anyways, because I want to make it known.

1. The last time I’ve met a group of people so enthusiastic and encouraging about joining their team was when I was considering going to Meredith College. Still to this day, I believe that attending Meredith was by far the best decision I have ever made in my life, and I don’t regret it for a second. I’ve become one of those crazy Meredith girls that practically wants to hug any random MCG I meet on the street, and, honestly, I like that Mary Kay reminds me of that.

2. Mary Kay is Christian-orientated. This organization believes in God first, family second, and career third in the priorities of life, and I think that’s fantastic. Granted, I’m going to have this job be my 4th priority after school, of course, but I love that it makes us keep things in perspective.

3. I already wear the makeup and I basically promote it already. My favorite products are the mascara and lip balm, hands down, and I love getting compliments on how I look. Plus, I’m going to loveee the employee discount. I’m not going to lie.

4. I feel like I’m going to be in a good market for customers at my all-girls’ school. The products really are reasonably priced and they are great-quality and last a while.

5. They don’t test on animals. I like that.

6. I can go at my own pace. I can work as much or as little as I like, really. It just depends on how hard I’m willing to work. And there are prizes and incentives to working hard! I can get a free car! Just let that sink in. I’m not saying I need one right now, but heck yeah I’ll take it if I earn it!

7. Facials and girls nights are fun. You know they are. And that’ll be my job! (We also have products for guys. Jusssst saying.)

8. Life has a way if catching up with you.. And finances are tight. Junior year is a big year for me and I was already considering getting a 2nd job outside of Build-a-Bear and on top of my course load and student leadership positions. By being a consultant, I choose my own hours, and I really do think I can be successful at it.

Now, with all of that being said, I’m pretty excited about jumping out of my comfort zone and taking a risk here. That’s a part of growing up, right? I’ll be having my debut party hopefully within a month of two and I’d love it if you (yes.. You!) could come and support me! You won’t be under and obligation to buy anything, but I wouldn’t complain if you wanted to;)

Because I’m going into Mary Kay to MAKE money, I’m not going to SPEND money. It’s always best for consultants to already have an inventory on the spot, but I will not be having one as I do not have the finances for it. Therefore, if you do happen to purchase from me, you’ll have to wait approximately 5-10 days to receive your product. I receive a certain about of commission from the orders. All of the money that I make from Mary Kay will go towards a separate account to save up for products so I can one day have an inventory, which will really help me out sales-wise for the future. After I receive an inventory, half of my earnings will go towards paying off my Onyx ring (it’s a HUGE Meredith College thing), and then 80% of my earnings will go towards paying off loans for school. As you can see, I have a plan!

Long story short, I’m a Mary Kay consultant and I’d love to do business with you! Let me know if you’d like more information on products, facials, or anything else about Mary Kay! I’m going I be setting up my website soon and then I’ll be ready to go. I’ll let y’all know when my debut party will be.

mayo brooke 2 Brooke is a wonderful and intelligent young lady who is entering her junior in college. She is the oldest of 4 children  and is very involved in the local community. I am very pleased that she offered to write for me while I am recovering from surgery. Hope you enjoy her writing as much as I have had.

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