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Comfortable Loungewear Outfits You Can Even Wear in Public

As the name implies, loungewear is ideal when you want to lounge around your home, catching up on your favorite shows. Of course, when you’re going out in public, it’s not the best option, right?

It’s fair to think that way. Not many people feel comfortable going to the grocery store while sporting a comfy pair of sweatpants. However, it’s actually possible to wear plenty of chic loungewear outfits in public that look completely appropriate.

These examples prove it. If you want to feel more comfortable outside your house or your apartment, keep them in mind!


The combo of a t-shirt and your favorite pair of jeans is a classic for a reason: it strikes the right balance of physical comfort and social appropriateness. Sure, you might not decide to wear this outfit during certain social occasions (such as fancy date nights), but there are plenty of other public settings where it’s an entirely reasonable choice that no one will bat an eye at (and if they do, it will only be because they’re impressed). 

You can stick with a plain white tee if you want to keep things simple. This choice is naturally quite versatile. However, if you want to show off more of your unique personality,  you can opt for a graphic tee instead. Choose whichever you’re most comfortable with!

Fancy Joggers

Gone are the days when joggers were only appropriate for indoor use. While some generic joggers may still be best reserved for lounging around and watching Netflix in, a quick search will reveal there are also fancier, more visually-impressive options you can easily get away with wearing when running errands or going for a walk around town.

Biker Shorts

The right pair of joggers may be a perfectly acceptable choice in some public settings during the cooler months of the year. However, you may wonder how you can enjoy that same degree of comfort when warmer temperatures strike.

To stay cool and comfortable during the summer months, choose biker shorts instead. Like joggers, you’ll find many varieties that look just as good as they feel!

T-Shirt Dress

Keep in mind, you don’t need to limit yourself to a basic t-shirt style when choosing a comfortable loungewear top for public use. If you’re in the mood for something a little more unique, consider a t-shirt dress, which serves basically the same purpose, but can often make a more striking impression.

These are merely a few examples. Again, there are some public situations when you need to choose formal outfits, but that’s not universally the case. As these outfits prove, in many instances, loungewear is entirely appropriate, even when you’re outdoors!

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