Common Pests That Invade Your Home While Renovating
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Common Pests That Invade Your Home While Renovating

Common Pests That Invade Your Home While Renovating

If there’s one thing I’m glad to have been told to look out for while renovating my home, it’s unwelcome pests—specifically bugs. Most bugs are harmless, but some can ruin everything. This is what I learned from my exterminator about the most common pests that invade your home while renovating.

Ants and Roaches

Ants are common and tend to live underground. However, if you disturb their nest, they’re forced to crop up from their hills and find somewhere new to live. Even if the nest isn’t disturbed, y’all could potentially create a bridge with your building material that eventually carries them into your home.

This situation is similar to cockroaches. Roaches live in walls and intrude on any home that provides them with an entrance. They often search for homes with enough clutter around—like construction equipment—to build their nests.

How To Get Rid of Ants and Roaches

To rid your home of roaches, remember to keep your home clean, throw out your food scraps, and take out the trash daily.

As for ants, you can use simple water and essential oil mixture. Strong smells deter ants from invading your home space.


Termites are another common pest, and they love to eat away at the wood. Termites live underground, and if the ground’s raised enough, they burrow their way out to feast on any wood that’s lying around. If y’all plan on working in the spring or summer, it’s best to be wary of these critters.

Keep your building materials on an elevated surface, like a truck bed. Keeping wood up high prevents the sudden migration of termites looking for a place to feast and lay eggs. If you fear the ground around your home might be infested, contact an exterminator before moving forward with your construction.

How To Banish Termites

To exterminate your termite population, your bug killer may recommend using termite bait, spraying boric acids into the ceiling, floors, and walls, or sealing openings in your foundation.

Pantry Moths

When I was renovating my kitchen, I noticed something was a little off, so I opened the cabinet door. As soon as I opened it, a winged something went flying past my face. I was shaken and began to wonder what could’ve caused pantry moths.

I learned that pantry moths enjoy foods like dried grains, fruits, and even dog food. Y’all, they might seem harmless, but they leave bacteria behind that can hurt us.

How To Prevent Pantry Moths

To avoid dealing with pantry moths, be sure to clean all food spills before renovating. Also, toss out any opened food to prevent them from being contaminated with larvae.

When I rented a dumpster, I made sure to find out how to deter pests from entering it. I was grateful to be more knowledgeable on how infestations start and the best ways to get rid of them. Now that y’all have a better knowledge of pests that interfere with your home remodel, you can be prepared to prevent invasions.

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