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Cottage Restyle Part 2

I am very honored to have my friend Cindi Pate from Down Home Magazine guest posting today as I am recovering from surgery. I hope you enjoy her article as much as I enjoy having her as a friend.  Today she is going to teach how to recreate the cottage look in your home. It is another two parter. There are ten tips total, today’s post covers the last five.  If you missed the first five tips you can read them here.

cottage restyle basket

6. Baskets are great storage in a room, and while you can find some beautiful baskets at discount home stores, chances are, everyone has them in their home. I wanted something different, so I chose a few wire baskets that I found at local thrift stores – an old freezer basket and a few that use to serve duty in an office. I use them to store magazines, remote controls and library books.

7. Who says dishes should stay in the kitchen? Not this chic. These blue and white dishes make a beautiful wall display and can cover a large area for just a few dollars.

cottage restyle 8

8. One of my favorite storage pieces in the room is this vintage shopping cart that now holds our collection of maps. Because I live in a small space, every inch of square foot serves a purpose.

9. Another helpful restyle for a small space is to use outdoor patio cushions for seating at the fireplace.

10. And last, but not least, finding old vintage furniture and bringing it back to life with paint is an affordable and easy way to make a statement. So look past the old dark 1970s wood and hardware and imagine something new and restyled for your space.

cindi profile

Cindi Pate is the sole owner of Down Home Magazine.  Down Home Magazine covers topics and events from the Sandhills to the Coast of North Carolina.

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5 Comments on “Cottage Restyle Part 2

  1. I use baskets in almost every room for extra storage. I live in a small home and storage is hard to come by.

  2. I bet with a small adaptation to the bottom a cart like that would also be great for holding umbrellas!

  3. Baskets and bins are a must in my house too. It keeps the clutter hidden and my kids usually can fit a home for things much easier that way.

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