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Cottage Restyle Part One

I am very honored to have my friend Cindi Pate from Down Home Magazine guest posting today as I am recovering from surgery. I hope you enjoy her article as much as I enjoy having her as a friend.  Today she is going to teach how to recreate the cottage look in your home.It is another two parter. There are ten tips total, today’s post covers the first five.  Make sure to check back tomorrow for the last 5.

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I have never been one to just buy something from a home decor store no matter how much it cost. If I can get it for less from somewhere else, find it used and fix it up or find something else that would work just the same but costs less, I am going that route. It’s a bit challenging, but it works out for me.

I was lucky enough that my dad brought home junk. And he would use things for purposes not original to the piece. I learned to see objects for what they could be, rather than just for what they are. Mixing the past with the present and taking things that were meant for one purpose and reusing them for another just comes natural to me. I’m going to tell you how to do it for yourself.
Recently, my living room got a makeover. I shop lots of vintage stores, thrift stores and yard sales for things that will recreate the look I am trying to accomplish for my room. I can’t wait to show you what you can do with little money and some imagination.

1. Curtains set the stage of a room. Opened or close, they are awaiting a performance. I am in love with all the new pattern curtains, but at $20-$40 a panel, I refused to buy them from a big box store. So when I go to places like Target and TJ Maxx or vintage and thrift stores, I scour the kitchen section for beautiful table cloths in the length and width I would need to sew my own panels – always have a tape measure on your at all times. { I know I could just buy fabric, but the table clothes are already cut to length and hemmed on two sides and priced better than retail fabric stores.} If I want toppers or a window valance, I find that a set of table place mats can serve the purpose just fine. It cost me $8 to set the stage in my living room.

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2. Mason jars can serve so many purposes. In my living room, I use a vintage blue Ball canning jar in the place of a candy dish.

3. Over my fireplace, hangs a wreath made with yarn that my neighbor was going to throw out when he cleaned his attic.

4. Patterned lamp shades are high dollar items. Finding an old used one from a thrift store or a yard sale and covering it with fabric can save you cash.

5. Old windows can be turned into works of art to decorate your home. In the feature photo, my husband placed old stained glass from his grandparents home into a window frame and in the one pictured above, I used tobacco twine and paper scraps to create a whimsical bunting in blue and white to place on top of our entertainment center to add height to the area.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for more tips on how to obtain the cottage look in your home on a bare budget.

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Cindi Pate is the sole owner of Down Home Magazine.  Down Home Magazine covers topics and events from the Sandhills to the Coast of North Carolina.

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